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WHAT DO YOU DO ON A COMPUTER? 2009-02-26 (closed)
What do you do in your leisure time on the computer?
Want To make a 3d Animation 2009-02-17
Hi what is the easiest software to use to make a 3d animation, something that does'nt require mat...
Inventory Management Software 2009-02-15 (closed)
Are Inventory Management Software helps you?
Fan programming language name 2009-02-13 (closed)
The name of the Fan programming language isn't ideal for Googling. I want Fan to be successful, b...
What is the easiest Digital Sculpting software. 2009-02-13
What Digital Sculpting Software is the easiest to use.
Windows vs Mac 2009-02-10
Just wondering what computer people like more.
welches handy nutzt du? 2009-01-25
Nokia Sharp Samsung Sony Ericsson Siemens
Y2K! 2009-01-23
what do you think of the y2k back in 99-00
How much do you know your computer's brain-Survey for Extended Essay 2009-01-21 (closed)
For my IB extended Essay I need to conduct a Survey about Computer Operating Systems specifically...
Coolest phone for teen guys 2008-12-29 (closed)
OK guys, what verizon phone do you like the best?
Windows vs Mac 2008-12-28
Windows vs Mac
Mac vs PC 2008-12-27 (closed)
Hi i'm a mac! And I'm a PC!
Ubuntu-EEE's new name 2008-12-27
Select your favourite names from the list below to replace the current project name. Email me (a...
Do you like Information Science? 2008-12-12 (closed)
asks students what they think about Information Science
which web developing technology would you trust to lay down your time and energy 2008-12-07
I am seeking the opinion of people that know about the specific object.
Slax vs fedora 2008-11-26 (closed)
You can now put fedora on a usb stick like slax but im having trouble to decide between slax or f...
Secure operative system 2008-11-21 (closed)
Would you mind flying to the moon in a vehicle controlled by any of the operative systems mentioned?
Computer Tech 2008-11-21
Computer Tech
Computer Brands??? 2008-11-09
I am planning to purchase a laptop, but I am confused whether which brand to buy. Please help to ...
GNU/LINUX vs MICROSOFT 2008-11-06 (closed)
Have you tried Ubuntu 8.10 and decided to switch forever to Linux? Are you for GNU/LINUX or Micr...
I-Pod Touch V Acer Aspire One (Netbook) What should I get? 2008-11-04
Which of these amazing and similarly priced tech gadgets should I get this Christmas. Comments ar...
Which one of these methods makes more sense ? 2008-10-23
Decision about method names...
Computer languages 2008-10-18 (closed)
What languages do you know for computers?
Monitoring Internet Activity 2008-10-16 (closed)
Tracking your e-mail, web sites visited, blocking a few sites from usage at work
Kookie 2008-10-15