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Drinking Age 2009-12-23
Lower the drinking age!
What is your favourite christmas decorations 2009-12-21
What is your favourite christmas decoration. tree lights snow cards advent calandar
Frosty The Snowman 2009-12-21
Frosty The Snowman
2009 BTS Land Awards 2009-12-12 (closed)
2009 BTS Land Awards (The 8th Annual)
Goldman Sachs: Good or Evil? 2009-12-08
How would you describe your feelings towards commercail bank Goldman Sachs given the following op...
What do you fear most? (climate change, economic crises, meteorite impacts etc.) 2009-12-08
Which of the following do you fear the most?
The main thing i remember as a child was visiting the town Waikerie S.A then finally living there...
Should Rebecca Roth be immediately released from a Mexican prison? 2009-12-04 (closed)
The outrageously unfair plight of Oregonian Rebecca Roth, jailed in Mexico for a crime she did no...
GOT CREDIT? 2009-12-04 (closed)
This survey is part of a research project for CAPSTONE II at LeMoyne-Owen College to determine h...
carseat or regular seats in car 2009-12-04 (closed)
carseat or regular seats in car
What is your perspective on the War in Iraq 2009-11-23
This is a comprehensive poll for my Sociology Final. Please answer all questions to the best of y...
Which of these is your "top story" of the week? 2009-11-22
Which of these is your "top story" of the week?
Alexander McQueen 2009-11-22 (closed)
L'Enfant Terrible?
Burberry 2009-11-22 (closed)
Burberry's Re-Branding
Teen Tattoos 2009-11-15 (closed)
Do you think teens should get a tattoo?
CarMax and the Economy 2009-11-10 (closed)
CarMax is the largest retailer of used cars in the United States. Although it’s been very succ...
swine flu 2009-11-10 (closed)
are you scared of it
Healthcare 2009-11-10 (closed)
U.S. in Afghanistan...Good or Bad? 2009-11-10 (closed)
Voice your opinion on what the United States as a nation has to gain by having troops in Afghanis...
Global News 2009-11-10 (closed)
Which do you believe is a better source for news, Internet or Television?
Daylight Savings Time 2009-11-10 (closed)
It is the law to set your clocks forward and backward at certain times of the year. Some people l...
An H1N1 (Swine Flu) Poll 2009-11-07
To find out peoples opinions on the swine flu pandemic.
How many banks will fail in 2009? 2009-11-04 (closed)
How many banks will fail in 2009?
what is your favorite thing about halloween????? 2009-11-04
what is your favorite thing about halloween?????
2012...Paradise or Peril 2009-11-01 (closed)
Will 2010 bring disaster or a new age