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Current Events


Bus delays in Edinburgh 2009-10-19 (closed)
What do you blame for bus delays in Edinburgh?
A Poll about the DEATH PENALTY 2009-10-16
To find out the public's opinion on the death penalty.
Healthcare and Deficit 2009-10-11 (closed)
Healthcare and Deficit
Pumpkin Patch Trip 2009-10-05 (closed)
are you interested in a trip to the pumpkin patch in Harker Heights as a group? If so which one o...
What Costume Should I Wear For Halloween 2009-10-02
Whatever Costume Comes Up The Most I Will Wear At Halloween Put Any Costume Idea U Have Be It ...
Going Green 2009-09-23
Going Green
UM Department of Indian Studies 2009-09-13 (closed)
University of Malaya's Department of Indian Studies was established in 1956, under the Faculty of...
Favourite countries of the world? 2009-09-07
Favourite countries of the world?
what do u think? 2009-09-07
a long time ago the Mayans predicted that the world will end in the year 2012. i think it's bullc...
Opinion about the News Media 2009-09-02
To find out peoples opinions about the news media in general.
The World Economy 2009-09-02
To get an opinion on the state of the world economy in general.
Job searching poll at supermarkets and restaurants... 2009-08-31 (closed)
Ok..I have alot of experience from job searching at supermarkets and restaurants as a student. I...
J0hnxOCS VS 58Proxy 2009-08-31 (closed)
who do you think wins the drawing battle?
Christian Registry 2009-08-25 (closed)
Enter your name into the National Christian Registry.
boys or girls more tallented in engineering 2009-08-25 (closed)
Now a days more girls across the globe came t o engineering field.Some people says medicine is ni...
Marketing Tactics 2009-08-14 (closed)
economy 2009-08-08 (closed)
Animal Research 2009-08-08
Do you support the ethical use of animals in research?
What is your favorite ride at Dollywood? 2009-08-03
What is your favorite ride at Dollywood?
Which doctor do you choose? 2009-07-25
Which doctor do you choose?
Challeneges for the Galveston Bay area? 2009-07-25
Doing some research on the Houston- Galveston Bay area post Ike. Would love your votes and thoug...
Ramifications of furlough 2009-07-24 (closed)
There seems to be no one tracking how the California 3 day furlough for State employees. As a Sta...
What do you see as the Biggest Challenges for the Galveston Bay area? 2009-07-24
What do you see as the Biggest Challenges for the Galveston Bay area?
do you diss like 2009-07-15
do you diss like