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Current Events


Girls at the beach 2014-11-24
Amount of Clothing 2014-08-13
Amount of Clothing
How should I be spanked? 2014-06-30
hi, im 13 years old and im a girl. well i got a detention at school and my mom told me to get on...
In a three way presidential race, who would you vote for? 2016-06-09
In a three way presidential race, who would you vote for?
Climate Change 2017-01-27
Climate Change
Trump poll 2017-02-01
Intelligent gov't questions
dodge ram vs ford vs chevy trucks 2012-06-19
which trucks are better overall
Girls vs boys 2015-06-21 (closed)
Girls vs boys
Merry Christmas or Happy Holidays? 2016-12-06
About the Christmas debate
Is the X/Y chromosome factor proof of the biological superiority of women? 2009-03-22
The evidence points to the fact that because we have 2 X chromosomes, women are biologically sup...
Public Executions 2006-12-27
Don't bother taking this poll if you're AGAINST the death penalty. This poll is about PUBLICLY ex...
What is the day today 2017-06-13
Please select the current day
Michigan EBT or Michigan Bridge Card benifits divided into two payments 2008-09-27
Do you have an EBT card for Michigan, or a Michigan Bridge Card? Michigan is expected to be the f...
Favourite Planet Poll 2011-09-09
Which planet in our Solar System (Pluto included) is your favourite?
2016 Presidential Election 2016-10-25
Trying to get a good idea of who we may see as our next Commander in Chief.
The Environment (how much do you care?) 2016-11-29
Questions about how much your care about the environment
This, or that? Random Questions 2008-01-11
In this poll, it is a series of random questions about anything; and each question has 2 answers....
Do Americans hate Great Britain or is it just Obama? 2014-10-06
This is totally different to any of my other polls but it is something I need to know. As I repre...
Are Japanese cars or Korean cars better for first-time car users? 2021-10-19
Should I buy a Japanese car or a Korean car for the first time? 1. Japanese car 2. Korean car...
Gender Inequality 2012-12-04
Whos treared more unfairly
Suicide 2006-02-24
Survey questions relating to Suicide. PLEASE TAKE and i'll love you forever <3
TSA and Airport Security in the USA 2011-03-10
There has been a lot of controversy regarding TSA screening policies for US domestic flights. I'm...
legitimate rape 2012-08-21
how do you fell about the crime of rape and the political opinion of Todd Akin the tea party sen...
how do i get someone to give me a wedgie 2015-03-23
I've tried everything from wearing tighty whities, to sagging my undies and bending over to act l...
Interrogation and Torture 2005-05-09
When American forces capture known terrorists, is it ok for U.S. forces to use torture in interro...