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Current Events


Are You Prepared for December 21, 2012 2011-11-20
All of us have heard of the dooms day senarios about December 12,2012 and everything that may pos...
The War in Afghanistan 2011-11-16
These questions are to be answered in your own opinion and no one else's. Thank You for your time.
What do you think? 2011-11-16
What do you think?
Who will you vote for? 2011-11-08
Out of all the 2012 Presidential Candidates which would you vote for?
do you trust the mainstream media on significant international affairs? 2011-11-08
do you trust the mainstream media on significant international affairs?
Immigration 2011-11-08
How do you feel about immigration and immigration laws?
the lisbon treaty 2011-10-20 (closed)
a question on the knowledge of the regular people on the EU on The Lisbon Treaty
Financial Distress and Hunger Issues 2011-10-18
This Survey is to show what the effects of the economy are truly for all persons.
Westboro Baptist Church Supreme Court Ruling 2011-10-18
Do you agree with the 2011 Supreme Court ruling that said that the Westboro Baptist Church's Firs...
Printed media vs Social media 2011-10-11 (closed)
The role of printed and social media on conveying messages to audiences.
Immigration 2011-10-10
Michael Jackson's Doctor Conrad Murray Trial Verdict 2011-10-03 (closed)
This is your chance to voice your opinion on the death of the superstar Michael Jackson, and whet...
How much would you pay for Solar panels 2011-09-27
Just some Research to find out the demand for solar panels
Quantitative 2011-09-27 (closed)
i am trying to find out what kind of age group like a certain live performance like concert or da...
T. Little's Poll 2011-09-20 (closed)
The purpose of this poll is to see if educators feel that government involvement in setting readi...
Favourite Planet Poll 2011-09-09
Which planet in our Solar System (Pluto included) is your favourite?
This survey aims to gathers some of your thoughts, opinions and perceptions about animal cruelty ...
Solar Panel Questionnaire 2011-08-15
I'm doing an Essay in school based on Solar power and i need some research results. Thank you for...
Gunge for Cancer Research 2011-08-13
Carrie vs Rachel
legalize marijuana in CT 2011-08-13 (closed)
legalize marijuana in CT
Handbanner for Shinee World Concert 2011 in Singapore 2011-08-08 (closed)
Handbanner for Shinee World Concert 2011 in Singapore
What country is more preferred for a holiday spend? 2011-08-06 (closed)
Try to fiqure out which country from these options can be chosen best for a relaxabale holiday!! :)
Overcrowded Prisons 2011-07-14
How Should California comply with a Supreme Court decision to reduce its overcrowded prison popul...
What do you think of New York Becoming the latest state to allow gay marriage? 2011-06-30 (closed)
Do you support gay marriage in New York and other States? Why or Why Not?
American Airlines A"Advantage 2011-05-05
American Airlines A"Advantage