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should i get my revenge? 2015-04-18
Well last Saturday my neighbor Marlonn who is a really good friend of mine and my brother's came ...
Who are you voting for in 2015 UK General Election?? 2015-04-18 (closed)
voting simulation for in next general Election ?
how do i get someone to give me a wedgie 2015-03-23
I've tried everything from wearing tighty whities, to sagging my undies and bending over to act l...
does the government have too much power? 2015-02-09
does the government have too much power?
USA want a recall Presidential election, NOW! 2014-12-16
The Citizens of the USA want a Recall Presidential Election immediately, by the Constitutional po...
Lugar de la tradicional cena de Navidad Arbol, edicion 2014 ;) 2014-12-08 (closed)
Ya saben de que va la cosa. Aqui la encuesta -que mitofsky ni que la verga, esta es la buena-, so...
Worst Person of the Year 2014 2014-11-24 (closed)
It's that time of year again. TIME Magazine's staff has begun to deliberate on who should be nam...
Girls at the beach 2014-11-24
Ebola's first victim in the US 2014-10-09
Ebola's first victim in the US
Ebola is here 2014-10-09
Ebola is here
Do Americans hate Great Britain or is it just Obama? 2014-10-06
This is totally different to any of my other polls but it is something I need to know. As I repre...
Energia Electrica Para Llevar 2014-10-06
Nuestro proyecto se basa en el desarrollo de sistemas de energia electrica portatiles para satisf...
Amount of Clothing 2014-08-13
Amount of Clothing
Election of An International Administrator in Chief [aka U.N. Secretary General] 2014-07-07
All citizens of the world, above the age of 18 years, are hereby authorized to choose a world adm...
How should I be spanked? 2014-06-30
hi, im 13 years old and im a girl. well i got a detention at school and my mom told me to get on...
Do you support marriage equality in the UK 2014-05-19
Gay marriage equality is currently legal in England and Wales and in Scotland. It remains illegal...
Do you support gay marriage in Australia? 2014-05-19
Marriage is currently defined as between one man and one woman, nationwide. Do you support or o...
Do you support the Australian Federal Budget, 2014? 2014-05-19
Do you support or oppose the Australian Federal Budget 2014 announced by The Hon. Joe Hockey on 1...
Favourite accent? 2014-05-08
What accent is your favourite? Tell us below!
What has been the most important world event in your lifetime 2014-04-21
What has been the most important world event in your lifetime
What has been the most important nation (or empire) that has ever ruled? 2014-04-21
What has been the most important nation (or empire) that has ever ruled?
Influences & Messages of the Media 2014-04-14
This poll is to see how much of an impact the media has on society today. (I need this ...
Environmental Survey 2014-04-07 (closed)
Please answer these questions about the environment. Thanks!
WWE Wrestlemania XXX Predictions 2014-03-27
Wrestlemania 30 is April 6, 2014 take this poll and join the discussion of Old School Wrestling o...
Ethics and Facebook,Have You Been Refused A Job For Not Giving Your FB Password? 2014-02-19
This poll is for anyone who feels they have not been hired by an potential employer because they ...