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Current Events


2007 Every day topics: War, Economy, Religion, Race etc... 2007-05-29
This poll has all the basic (2007 event) questions that most people in general would like to see....
Deforestation 2007-05-21
Deforestation, a world problem
LCA 2007-05-18
Computer hour usage
LCA 2007-05-18
Shower water
LCA 2007-05-18
Monitor power
LCA 2007-05-18
Shower water
LCA 2007-05-18
Carbon offset
Virginia Tech Shootings 2007-05-04
I have often wondered about the causes of such massacres. Is it due to public complacency or a pr...
IRAQ WAR 2007 2007-05-01
People are dying everyday while some are smiling here in the US. I say end this war now. Preserve...
Farms vs. sub-divisions 2007-05-01
I am just wondering what people think about farms and new homes.
Duke rape case 2007-05-01
This a poll about the Duke rape case and all the issue of the case
Where Do You Want Your Hunny Moon To Be? 2007-04-25
This poll is about honey moons and places whre you would like to have yours.
Real Estate 2007-04-21
This poll is to provide a good understanding of Brand recognition in a real estate company name
Racism and Sexism in the media? 2007-04-19
Is there double standards in the media about sexism and racism?
Don Imus' Remarks 2007-04-19
Because Imus used the phrase "Nappy-headed 'hos" , Don Imus' show has been taken off of...
Are You A Sodaholic 2007-04-18
here's a poll to see if you are a sodaholic.
Terrorism 2007-04-18
Terrorism is the biggest problem of the 21st century what is going on?
Racism 2007-04-18
Racism is major in the world what do you think?
Are The USA Bullies? 2007-04-09
The USA think they can rule the world but are they bullies?
Is New York's Finest the finest? 2007-03-29
Do you think the NYPD is the finest police department? Why or why not?
Take my Norwood Survey 2007-03-13
Since I haven't really done anything outside the town of Norwood since I graduated High School, I...
Predict the Future 2007-03-06
2007 Assault Weapon Ban Bill 2007-02-26
HR 1022 proposes a new "Assault Weapon" Ban that now includes weapons with detachable m...
Your Views 2007-02-22
I'm conducting a survey to explore honest views on topics and think the Internet is the safest wa...
What do you want in 2008? 2007-02-22
Answer the following questions about you and your views and see how your answers compare to others.