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Current Events


world war 3 !!!! 2007-12-20 (closed)
world war 3 !!!!!! who would win?
Animal Environmental Awareness 2007-12-20 (closed)
This is a poll i am conducting for a school project. I would greatly apprectiate your participati...
Protest against Chinese inclusion of Vietnamese islands into their territory 2007-12-13
Protest against Chinese decision to include Paracels and Spratly Islands into their territory. In...
Bicycles 2007-12-06
DO you think bicycles will be used more with the higher gas prices
HIV/AIDS 2007-12-06
Do you support the Impeachment of Cheney 2007-11-17
Impeachment Articles Against Cheney were introduced in Congress that stated: That despite all evi...
Did Bush Deliberately the Iraq War 2007-11-17
The US has lost in Iraq and the only question is why? Could it be Bush deliberately lost the ...
Global Warming 2007-10-21
This is a poll about global warming. I will ask yoou a gew questions.
Genocide 2007-10-09
What do you know about it?
Test Poll 2007-10-08
See how this works
Canada's Military Contribution to Afghanistan 2007-10-04
Do you believe Canada has a military strong enough to continue in Afghanistan past 2009
Police searches 2007-09-15
Have you been "stopped and searched"? does it happen all the time, Why?
Iraq War 2007-09-14
A few questions regarding your feelings about the war.
Poll: About the Terri Schiavo Memorial Run 2007-09-10
Word On Wheels® will be hosting the first annual Terri Schiavo Memorial Run from March 18 - 31, ...
Gas prices 2007-09-10
What's causing gas prices to skyrocket?
Gold Investment 2007-09-04
A modern way of purchase gold
How much do you trust bar code prices? 2007-08-30
Are bar code prices correct? Check out these and other questions by signing up for The Buck Save...
Economy 2007-08-22
The current economic down turn
Media survey 2007-08-20
Poll on media preferences
Why is America the worst country in the world? 2007-08-08
We all know the U.S. is a terrible place. Why?
Views on different nationalities 2007-07-20
A poll to explore what certain nationalities think of others
Ground Zero 2007-07-03
Lets face it, the views of what should be built at Ground Zero are mixed. The most prominent posi...
Onionization 2007-07-03
Please chose if the following headlines were taken from the Onion or from the "main-stream&q...
Paris Hilton Controversy 2007-06-20
A poll to gather one's opinion about Paris' recent troubles.
Christmas Poll 2007-06-15
What do you do on the biggest day of the year?