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Current Events


Should Illegal Immigrants be allowed social services? 2006-05-08
There are millions of illegal immigrants receiving healthcare and education along with other soci...
Obesity 2006-05-06
Obesity is a major world problem that needs to be stopped
Overpopulation! 2006-05-06
Favorite Colors 2006-05-04
What is your favorite color?
Spanish Language U.S. National Anthem 2006-05-04
Asked at a news briefing in the Rose Garden whether he belived the anthem would have the same val...
AIDS/HIV 2006-05-03
Please take this poll. I need statistics about AIDS/HIV.
Petroleum Regulation 2006-04-30
With the increased fuel prices and record profits reported by the oil companies, there appears to...
New York or Texas? 2006-04-29
Most people think that N.Y. is 'da bomb' but Texas is doin' it BIG too. Which state do you think ...
this is the fun pole;) 2006-04-26
hope you have fun. I want as many people to take this as possible.
Chocolate Easter Bunny 2006-04-19
What part of the bunny are you supposed to eat first?
To Dye or not to dye? 2006-04-18
Should Chris dye his hair gray if Taylor is in the bottom 3 or back out to keep his wife happy?
Questions for you.... 2006-04-13
Here are some TRICKY questions for you to think about while you get annoyed....
natural disasters 2006-04-07
based on hurricane katrina, and the ideas that sorround it
The British Army 2006-04-07
Serving Soldier | Welfare & Family | Careers | News | Units | Deployments | Ceremonial ...
April Fool's burnout 2006-04-06
How tired are you of April Fool's?
How Your Beginnings Determine Your Future 2006-04-04
This Poll Is Meant to Isolate Social and Socioeconomic aspects of your upbringing to help you und...
nashville stars season 4 2006-03-31
vote for your favorite nashville star
Chomsky 2006-03-21
Where do you stand on Noam Chomsky?
AIDS/HIV 2006-03-17
Sophomore Project is a beezy. Help me to help you.
Randomness 20 2006-03-17
Totally Random Things.
Deforestation 2006-03-12
Poll Away
Roe vs Wade-for Men 2006-03-12
A case was filed on behalf of a Michigan man in a U.S. district court on Thursday that argues he ...
What do you know about Pollution? 2006-03-10
I am collecting information on the awareness of pollution in the world.
Macy's or not? Are you in favor of the Macy's takeovers? 2006-03-09
In late December, Federated Department Stores (at the time, owners of the Macy's and Bloomingdale...
New Emerging Fashion Line Needs Your Advice! Short Poll. 2006-03-09
Be the reason for the trend of the next season. Take this poll and let a new emerging fashion lin...