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~~ What Color do you like? ~~ 2003-04-24
Just vote! =)
world wide web 2003-02-27
yow people! just wanna know your favorite websites...if yah wanna share your comments with me abo...
Size and Range of Stores 2003-02-21
"Range" is defined as the maximum distance people are willing to travel in order to get...
WHAT DO YOU THINK 2003-02-09
Web Grammar 2003-01-31
Please answer the following questions honestly and to the best of your knowledge.
Cable connection 2003-01-27
How would you rate your cable connection
Background Color 2003-01-15
Those who surf a lot have their favorite colors.<a href="http://geocities.com/toktosunov&...
Online Shopping -- computers 2003-01-02
This Poll is for Online shopping for computers
Are you oppssessed with AIM/AOL 2002-11-14
This poll is to tell wether or not you loooove AIM/AOL or not.
Just To See What People are Surfing The Internet! 2002-11-14
Thanks for Even try and look at this poll, Please tick one box below.
Have you ever visited a News website? 2002-10-28
Have you ever visited a News website or tabloid/paper website!
Best Istant Chat 2002-10-17
What is the best instant chat? You decide!
On-line Banking 2002-10-09
On line banking is becoming more popular; or is it? With the current security features in place, ...
I Like Polls 2002-09-16
Do you like polls? If so this is the place to be.
ADH -vs- Dealers 2002-09-04
This is to determine if dealers who spam ADH should follow a few guidelines.
EBay Auctions 2002-09-04
This poll will examine your EBay usage.
Who takes initiative in a chat room? 2002-08-26
When you meet people on a chat room, Who start conversation most times? Male or female?
Married Email 2002-08-19
Sharing of email passwords between spouses.
Deaf and Hearing Online Dating 2002-07-19
I'm doing a study for a summer class, and I would love your help. I'm trying to find the habit...
internet 2002-07-16
hi there who what to find out the same as i do well ok lets do this and find out which one is the...
How fast is your internet speed? 2002-06-22
Bandwith speed
Pop-up Ads 2002-06-18
I think pop-up ads really suck. How about you?
not enough games on the internet 2002-06-03
theres not enough online games on the internet.i want to know who else backs meup
Please Vote! - Would this service be of use to you? 2002-05-28
I am thinking of starting a service and would like your input to see if it is feasible and/or wan...
High-Speed or Dialup? 2002-05-23
More people browse the Internet via modem than DSL, cable, and satellite combined. How do you co...