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internet usage 2001-12-13
hey everyone i am doing a research report on internet usage and was wondering if anyone could hel...
The Polls on this site 2001-12-12
This is a very simple poll on... polls.
Instant messenger programs 2001-12-12
Which instant messenger program is your favorite?
SPAM 2001-12-06
We all get a mailbox full of it every day. Some with misleading subjects like "I missed you ...
NeoSurvey 2001-12-03
Hi! Please complete my survey by answering the following questions about Neopets!
Neopets Poll 2001-12-03
Ehrm...hmmm. This poll is all about neopets.
Neopets Poll 2001-12-03
This poll is all about neopets
What is your Favorite search engine? 2001-11-27
Do you Yahoo? Well whatever search engine you prefer! VOTE for it!
Types of Websites 2001-11-21
What kinds of websites do you usually visit?
The General Survey 2001-11-19
Hi misterpoll.com user! In this poll, I want you to give information about yourself in order to g...
Misterpoll's "reviewed" directory 2001-11-09
The old directory was HUGE and unruly, but the new directory might not contain polls that may be ...
E-Learning 2001-11-09
This poll is to trying to assess the effectiveness of internet learning.
Has misterpoll made a big mistake
MisterPoll Merchandise 2001-11-09
At the request of our users, we have recently started selling MisterPoll merchandise, such as T-s...
Best Music Download Site 2001-11-09
Which one is the best?
Gonzo Exit Poll 2001-10-27
We would like you to fill this out to help us make Pure Gonzo Journalism better!
Why do you respond to polls, seriously? 2001-10-26
I'm trying to figure out the popularity of web sites like this one
Zulu Hotel Un-Official 2001-10-24
ZH Un-Official was created for the community of ZhC, and will provide every ingame info needed to...
Internet, Porn and Censorship 2001-10-19
The purpose of this project is to statistically analyze the difference of male and female perspec...
PopUps 2001-10-05
Do PopUp ads annoy you? Give me your opinion here!
Mister Poll!!! 2001-09-30
please answer the following questions
Bored 2001-09-21
Internet can be pretty boring some times, in most cases it is!!!! It's people like you that go on...
I dont know if this has been done before.If it has foregive me.I want to find out about everybody...
Aimster Guardian -- good or bad? 2001-09-03
Aimster guardian is a piece of crap! I want to have the old one!
ISPs and Security 2001-06-17
This poll is to collect information regarding the effectiveness and responsiveness of Internet Se...