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Does God have a gender? 2006-09-25
In the Holy Bible, God is always referred to in the masculine singular, with a capital letter - &...
Religious groups 2006-11-21
Hello, I'm doing a thesis for my college writing class and this is an experiment to see whether m...
If Zeus was Real 2006-12-20
If Zeus came down from Mount Olympus and magically made you know he was Zeus and a god would you...
Various questions about Hell 2007-04-13
Even in the Christian Church there has been much controversy about Hell throughout the centuries ...
The Jew 2007-05-08
I think many still wonder what exactly is a Jew. I believe it can only be a descendent of Abraham...
What do you think about...? 2007-07-03
Choose any answer you like. If your opinion is not up there feel free to write it in the message ...
Can you prove god exists? 2007-08-06
Which of these arguments convinces you that god does or does not exist? If there are arguments I ...
Did Jesus Exist? 2007-10-26
There is no historical evidence of Jesus' existence. Do you believe Jesus existed, or was he just...
Conversion to Atheism from other religions 2007-12-03
A poll to try and find a link between conversion to and from atheism and other spiritualities fro...
Is Israel still God's favourite country? 2007-12-07
Israel is mentioned over 30,000 times in the Holy Bible. A few other countries get a mention, suc...
Who is right? 2008-10-16
It seems to me that the majority of people voting appear to favour an agnostic or atheistic viewp...
How do you go to heaven? 2008-11-09
How do you go to heaven?
Is there a god or gods? 2009-05-29
Is there a god or gods?
Religion Ques. 2009-09-02
i'm gonna ask some simple things about religion. please answer honestly
Chrsition Teen Girl Wardrobe 2009-12-12
What do you think is appropriate for us to wear if we are christions?
Death Penalty 2010-03-27
I'd like to collect information on religion's impact on a person's opinion... this will be int...
Favorite New Testament Book 2010-05-13
Favorite New Testament Book
Race and Religion in America 2010-10-09
Race and Religion in America
athiest poll 2011-09-28
athiest poll
What religion are you? (for a school project) 2012-02-01
please take this poll..my friend and i are doing a poll for a project. we wont judge u by ur rel...
Religion 2013-03-22
What is your general religious belief?
Do you believe that there will be marriage in the afterlife? 2013-07-16
Do you believe that there will be marriage or continuance of your marriage in the afterlife?
Holy Potty-Mouth, Batman®! 1999-10-06
As Christians, we sometimes fall into sinful acts which deliver us from the friendship of God. V...
Religious Affiliations, Beliefs and Bible Preferences 2000-03-20
Below you will find questions related to your religious affiliation/background, specific beliefs,...
What's the deal with religion?? 2000-12-11
Just some questions I need answered for a seminar on religion :), please feel free to answer