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Morality & You 2002-04-09
Do you believe that morality is "supernatural", i.e. an unchanging principal from God, ...
Religion and Homosexuality 2002-05-23
Hi, I wanted to know how much of a basis religon has on the thought process and exceptance of hom...
Are we living in the end times? 2002-07-10
Questions on current events and on bible prophecy.
jesus' resurrection 2002-11-02
What do you think of Jesus' resurrection?
receiving communion 2002-11-06
How should people receive communion?
salvation 2002-12-06
For Practicing/Believing Christians Only 2002-12-20
To get accurate results, this poll is for *practicing/believing* Christians only. I am Jewish ...
A question for Christians! 2003-06-10
Was there DEATH before Adam and Eves sinned. If yes, then God is responsible for DEATH . If no, t...
The Crusades and Modern Jihads 2003-07-02
Over 900 years ago, in 1095, the first of many Christian Holy wars was launched. In response, Mus...
Is religon getting stronger in the last few months? 2003-10-26
Generally, Religon has gotten Weaker and weaker with the passing of the decades However in the...
abortion, capital punishment, religion, morals, etc. 2004-01-20
This is just a poll on some moral issues.
Is there a god? 2004-02-14
Do you believe that there is a god?
Religion Poll 2004-02-16
Now a days when man is being more and more selfish & materialistic, it is needed to get his a...
God and Jesus Christ 2004-08-03
This is a poll whose objective is to know what are your beliefs about God and Jesus Christ. This ...
poll for muslims 2004-08-13
as muslims know there are many different beliefs in Islam. God said he would guide those who wou...
Sunday School 2004-08-13
This poll is designed to help me out with my Sunday School teaching.
ARE YOU FOR SALE? 2004-08-25
Are Christians dressing more like the world? Are we showing too much and causing the body of Chr...
Religions of the future 2004-12-26
What will our beliefs look like years from now?
The GOD Quiz Part 1 2005-01-31
Here are quick simple questions to clear some of my doubts about people....
Gambling 2005-03-08
If you are person who believes the word of God in the bible is true and condsider yourself a Chri...
The Creation 2005-07-26
What version of the Bible do you use most often?
What religion 2005-09-06
What religion do you prefer?
Is Amrica Better Off Without Bush ? 2005-09-12
Bush gave Massive Tax Relief to the RICH while ignoring the plight of the POOREST of Americans, T...
Religious Opinions 2005-09-14
This poll is to see what people think about the different stories in different manuscripts around...
Creationism--next step 2005-12-21
Is the world flat?