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School Life


Poll for boys who are scared of jumping over a vaulting-horse 2013-05-28
Hi, do any boys get as scared as me about jumping over a vaulting-horse in PE (I mean with your l...
school strength test 2013-05-20
gym class strength test. push ups sit ups and chin ups.
Cardozo High Debate Team 2013 Survey 2013-05-20
Describe your experiences as a member of the 2012 - 2013 Benjamin N. Cardozo Debate Team. BE HO...
How should my son wear his belt? 2013-05-20
I was reading all the opinions on belts, and how tight it should be, and I will enforce it on my ...
Kilt School Uniform 2013-05-20
Should Scottish schools make kilts compulsory for boys again? If so, what would you choose for t...
PE Clothes 2013-05-20
What do you wear to PE?
Bullying 2013-05-20
This is a simple one question poll to see how many people recall being bullied in elementry schoo...
sock cycling (for boys) 2013-05-20
Are there any more boys who cycle in socks? I lose my shoes in school or somewhere else often and...
What is your opinion on school lunches 2013-05-15
What is your opinion on school lunches
What's your favorite school subject? 2013-05-15
Choosing your favorite school subject.
School strip search 2013-05-13
I wonder how many guys and gals have been strip searched in school too. Please vote if you're in ...
Is it still daylight outside when you go to bed in the summer? 2013-05-13
Is it still daylight outside when you go to bed in the summer?
Should I make this bet? 2013-05-06 (closed)
Ive been thinking about this but I want your opinion. Heres the bet I want to make: I want to be...
If you were my 18 year old, mean, yet popular brother 2013-05-03
Imagine you are an 18 year old and you have a younger brother that is 3 years younger than you, y...
What would you do? 2013-04-29
This is to find out what you would do in these situations
Statistics Sample Survey 2013-04-15
Statistics Sample Survey
My pink bikini promise. 2013-04-15 (closed)
Hi, I dont want my name on the internet but I will tell you this: Im 15,male,and straight.I said...
Teachers and students, what is your owned/preferred graphing calculator model? 2013-04-01
Teachers and students, what is your owned/preferred graphing calculator model?
Make your School (improved version) 2013-04-01
If you did my other "Make Your Scool" poll, you'll want to do this one. Basically, a Mi...
SCC Country of Focus 2013-04-01 (closed)
Global Ed Committee members will select a country of focus for the 2013-14 school year and 2014-1...
Standing Punishment for prolonged periods (> 2 hours) 2013-03-28
When I was a teen I was regularly punished being forced to stand for lengthy periods. The institu...
Braodhurst/Sutton Visitation Hours 2013-03-14
What is your opinion on visitation hours in upperclassmen residence halls?
Boys lockers 2013-03-11
Boys lockers
shoeless risks 2013-03-11
This poll is for those who like to be without shoes on in school. The concern is that you may st...
Rejections in 6-8th grade in private schools only in Memphis Tennessee! 2013-03-07
Talking about the ways you get rejected!