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School Life


School questions 2013-09-27
School questions
Higher Education in America 2013-09-23
How satisfied are you with the quality of education students receive in the U.S. today
Poll for boys about boys vs girls netball 2013-09-23
Hi, I'm a boy and I was wondering if any other boys have ever played girls at netball and how you...
What to do when sharing a hotel room (guy sonly) 2013-09-09
I am 16 and just started sixth form (y12). I am going on a trip to London which will involve shar...
Design a school (Teen[13-18] Guys only) 2013-09-09
Design a High school with your preferances
Barefoot Back to School 2013-09-09
A poll about going barefoot in the new school year.
Going Shirtless in College (Guys) 2013-09-03
Most high schools have dress codes and almost all colleges don't. Although the traditional view o...
Discipline in ballet/gymnastics 2013-09-03
What are punishments in ballet/gymnastic schools?
beating older boy 2013-08-26
Hi! I'm a 16 year-old girl. My cousin(boy) is 4 years-older than me, and when I was 13 we were at...
Wedgie punishment 2013-08-26
I need to punished with wedgies
diapers 2013-08-19
Going Barefoot At College 2013-08-19
Going Barefoot At College
School Secretary Witnesses Paddlings 2013-08-12
This Poll is for school secretaries past and present who have witnessed paddling's in school eith...
boys and school uniforms 2013-08-01
with school starting soon i wanted to hear from boys who wear uniforms to school
Foreign Language Poll 2013-07-25
I am a 22 year old male trying to decide what foreign language to study on my own or in school, b...
Lamar teachers 2013-07-22
Lamar teachers
Teen Boys. (12-16 only please) 2013-07-15
This poll is just to see what other guys my age are like.
Poll about farts, answer please. 2013-07-15
A regular poll about farts.
Teen boys. (Boys 12-16 only) 2013-07-08
This is to see if other guys are different than me.
new dress code from parents 2013-07-02
My dad just got a new job, and we moved to a nicer neighborhood in a nice area of town. all aroun...
School Uniform 2013-06-27
I am planning to open a STRICT school. I want some ideas/opinions on what the school uniform shou...
Getting dressed smart 2013-06-27
My dad just got a new job, and we moved to a nicer neighborhood in a nice area of town. all aroun...
How strict is your school uniform 2013-06-26
Do you want to know how strict your school uniform is? Then, try this poll!
boys made to wear corsets 2013-06-24
boys forced to dress as girls and made to wear corsets.
high school boys locker room and gym class 2013-06-10
high school boys locker room and gym class