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School Life


Bra size, jealousy and inequality at school 2014-03-03
Bra size, jealousy and inequality at school
Being tucked in at bedtime 2014-03-03
Being tucked in at bedtime
Live Lectures 2014-02-19
An app and moodle based service designed for University students to enable them to watch streams ...
should I let my son wear one shoe 2014-02-19
I have a 12 year old son that has lost his right shoes 7 times in two months I've grounded him I'...
wearing one shoe 2014-02-13
how long have you went wearing one shoe
Barefoot to a dance 2014-02-10
My school's having a Valentine's Day dance, and this girl wants me to go with her. The catch is t...
Shirtless In P.E. 2014-02-02
This is to inquire as to whether boys in P.E. should be required to leave their shirts off for th...
School Toilets 2014-01-29
Do you like going to the toilet at school?
Should public schools cancel on account of cold weather alone? 2014-01-29
Okc schools recently adopted a new policy of cancelling school when the air temp is below 10 F or...
Is Mr.McCabe a good teacher? 2014-01-27
Is Mr.McCabe a good teacher?
Is Mr.McCabe a good teacher? 2014-01-27
Is Mr.McCabe a good teacher?
School Hours? 2014-01-27 (closed)
Would you rather come to school 5 days a week 8:20am - 3:50pm with a 30 min lunch, or would you r...
Where Should I Go to College 2014-01-16
This poll is to see where people think I should go to college, although it won't actually impact ...
Favorite school subject and genre of music 2014-01-16
Your favorite school subject and the type of music you like to listen to.
High School Tattoos 2014-01-16
My brother and I are trying to convince our parents to let us get tattoos, but they're worried th...
losing shoes in school 2013-12-31
This is a poll for people who have lost their shoes in school.
Boys, do you think more schools should let kids take their shoes off? 2013-12-26
I really don't like wearing shoes. I would never wear them if I could. There is nothing better t...
TTMA poll 2013-12-26 (closed)
TTMA poll
Boys in High School 2013-12-26
This is a poll for boys only in high school
Homework Slave 2013-12-26
Looking to be somebodies homework slave
Christmas Eve traditions! 2013-12-26
Christmas Eve traditions!
PGB Polling 2013-12-18 (closed)
Only for PGB's member at outside from Indonesia. Approaching the 61st Anniversary of PGB Banga...
Uniform socks 2013-12-17
Do you think your school should insist on uniform socks? If they have uniform socks, what do y...
New School Rules/Punishments 2013-12-17
This is my adaption from a poll from another user (2 put together, actually.), which I thought wa...
Design Your Own School 2013-12-17
Boys (<8 - 16) Only