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Anime / Manga


Battle of the Fantasy Characters 2013-11-25
I will pit two fantasy characters (whether they be from books, movies, comics, video games or tel...
Best Anime Ever Round 1 TRIPLE OVERTIME 2013-11-06
Which anime is better?
Best Anime Ever Round 1 DOUBLE OVERTIME 2013-10-04
Which anime is better?
Proposal product (Tonamento) 2013-10-04
This poll is about my proposal product (my own anime idea) for my collage project for creative me...
Code Geass Vs Guilty Crown 2013-09-30
Code Geass and Guilty Crown have a lot in common. Both take place in a Japan that has been taken ...
What was the best fight in DBZ? 2013-09-23
only from Saiyan saga to Buu saga, what was the best fight in the show?
Spirited away 2013-09-23
This is a poll about Spirited Away. If you haven't watched it, then here is a link to a short vid...
Best Anime Ever Round 1 OVERTIME 2013-09-03
Which anime is better?
Best Anime Ever Round 1 2013-08-02
Which anime is better?
What is the best survey company? 2013-07-15
What is the best survey company?
Metal Fight Beyblade Character Poll 2013-06-26
For MFB fans, vote for your favorite characters in here!
create a anime girl 2013-06-20 (closed)
making a girl you like
Favorite Anime Character (Female Version) - Round 5 [Final] 2013-06-11 (closed)
Holy crap it's been 6 months since I last checked Misterpoll... but I'm back and here it is: THE ...
Pokemon Elimination 2013-06-10
Vote for the Pokemon you want to be eliminated!
Eveelutions 2013-05-21
create a anime guy 2013-05-13 (closed)
create anime guy that you would like .
Ash Ketchum's ideal team (Pokemon fans only) 2013-04-04
Ever wanted to construct Ash's ideal Pokemon team from the anime? Voice your opinion here! This...
Favorite anime shows 2013-03-28
Listed in this poll are some of the most popular anime cartoons ever made. Which ones are your a...
shadow and maria 2013-03-19
I just love this couple!!!!! What's your opinion
Saint Seiya 2013-03-11
death fights 2013-03-05
death fights
Which manga should I read? 2013-02-25
Pick one for me
Ventas de Poster 2013-02-14
Producto Fiable
Anime/Manga Battle for Supremacy 2013-02-11
This poll is to help decide through popular vote which anime/manga is considered the best by the ...
Naruto 2013-02-05