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Superman or Goku 2003-05-06
Me and my son were arguing over who was the stronger of the two. Anyone have any input?
Best X-men Character 2003-05-14
Who is the best???
Comics Characters Fight 2 2003-06-01
Well it is Marvel vs Dc again
Favorite Lord of the Rings Book 2003-11-11
Which Lord of the Rings book did you enjoy the most?
comic super heroes poll 2005-02-19
i want your opinions on which super heroes dominate which
Spawn Vs Blade 2005-06-05
Who would win in this fight
My Fantasy Trilogy 2005-07-05
I'm writing a fantasy trilogy. Thanks for taking the poll.
How many people are upset over the ending to Harry potter 6 2005-08-31
How many people are pissed about the ending to book 6
Batman vs Captain America 2005-09-12
Two Universes, two heroes - one winner
Terry Pratchett 2005-09-19
For all you people who love the works of Terry Pratchett, this one's for you!
Best Batman Graphic Novel 2005-09-22
You know what to do.
Where's Waldo vs. I Spy 2005-11-15
Your opinion on the search-and-find books.
Which is the best superhero-movie? 2005-11-18
Which movie is the best?
The books you read . . . 2006-01-22
This poll is part of my statistics project. I want to find out what the most popular genre of bo...
Who would win? 2006-02-15
Ever wonder which characters from whatever would win in a duel?
For girls that like slash fiction and/or yaoi 2006-02-22
Just what it says.
Strongest Superhero 2006-03-22
Who do you think wouod win in a fight to the finish? ALL factors are to be considered.
Dream Comic Book Battles 2006-04-04
This is some of the best comic book battles I could think of, Yes I know some of this battles hav...
This or that (Marvel and DC) 2006-06-09
choose between heroes and then between Marvel and DC
X-Men Training Matches 2006-07-26
Pic the winner in each battle
cage match comicbook style 2006-08-18
these is just one quistion with some of the strongest people ever
superhero mega fights 2006-08-29
greatest hereo fights
rad hero fights 2006-09-18
super fights that are really cool
The Saga of Dune 2006-09-25
For all the lovers of Frank Herbert's classic Dune series and the expansion by Brian Herbert and ...
Which one of my plot Idea's should become a book? 2006-11-28
I have some idea's for some books though I'm unsure which one to use.