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Disney and Marvel Comics 2009-11-10
I want to know what people think of the fact that Disney now owns Marvel.
Percy Jackson Favrites 2010-10-16
Percy Jackson Favrites
Boys who read girl magazines 2014-03-03
Boys who read girl magazines
Goku VS. Superman 2003-04-07
In this ultimate 1-on-1 slugfest...
X-Men. 2003-06-30
best nude magazines 2003-07-08
nude magazines
Which X-Men character is your favorite? 2004-09-03
Don't take this seriously.
Harry Potter... 3 questions 2005-11-15
Hoping that you can provide the popular opinion on three questions I've been wondering about.
Harry Potter 2005-12-09
General Harry Potter poll
HARRY POTTER 2006-02-22
Who is your Favorite Comic Super Hero? 2006-03-31
Favorite Comic Superhero
Sex or no sex - that's the question 2006-04-19
In fiction, when it comes to sex, what do you like?
Superpowers 2006-10-08
X men, Superman returns, Harry Potter. Movies with great magical qualities or incredible supernat...
Marvel Superheroes!! 2007-04-07
Who is your Favorite Marvel Superhero?
Which Wonder Woman? 2007-10-09
There have been many versions of Wonder Woman over the years. Which is the best version?
Warrior Cats 2009-05-29
This poll is about a series of books called Warrior cats that I have really enjoyed reading...if ...
Harry Potter vs Negima! 2009-06-12
In the Harry Potter books by J. K. Rowling, Harry Potter is an eleven year old boy in England wh...
Have you ever been to a psychologist? 2009-12-12
Have you ever been to a psychologist?
Marvel battles 2010-04-24
Almost every body in marvel that you can thing of, heros,villians, and even some dc characters!
Favorite Books 2014-08-13
Just one question, what is your favorite book?
research for story about a place here women live under male guardianship 2021-11-13
A remote village in a mountain area presided over by Head Elder Judah Souter and the elder's coun...
BEST COMIC 2001-12-12
All of these comics are good, but which is the best???
Superman vs Captain Marvel: Armswrestling Battle 2002-10-13
Who's got the Super-Strongest Bicep in the Universe!?? Who's "Gunz" are Number 1!? We'...
Comic Characters Fight 2003-04-24
Who would win in a fight
X-Men vs. Justice League 2005-01-26
Vote for your favorite X-Man or the JL hero.