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Your Power Suit 2011-11-09
There are all kinds of powerfull armor. From Iron Man to the Guyver, there are so many different ...
Who Is Better 2015-06-03
I have a wattpad.com account @Eeshu_10 and I need an actress playing the role of Elexabeth in &qu...
Superman or Batman? 2003-08-06
Just hoping to settle an ongoing (and probably everlasting) argument.
What does realism mean to you? 2014-09-19
As regards fiction, what are your thoughts on realism as a genre or method? Your candor is apprec...
Elimination on Object Show 2015-05-04
Elimination on Object Show
Who is the best X-men character of all time? 2000-12-12
Hello my name is...um...let's just say ROUGE. Hi! My name is ROUGE and this is my poll. Please ...
Best Dan Brown book 2005-11-09
Dan Brown; one of the most phenominal authors around...
All polls regarding Harry Potter.
Which newspaper do you read? 2015-05-19
A poll to find out about people's newspaper reading habits. UK specific.
Harry Potter vs Inheritance 2006-07-17
Most of you would have read both the books. If you haven't read both the series (upto what have b...
Harry Potter (Series) VS Twilight (Series) 2008-08-04
Two female authors, two worldwide best sellers, two greatest thrills, two going to be films, what...
What's your prefered ending in a "kidnapped" story? 2011-02-20
When you read a story in the Kidnapped genre, what do you like to see happen to the victim?
Boys who read this magazine 2015-01-06
Seventeen magazine readers who are boys between 5 and 17.
Bane vs Wonder Woman 2021-11-12
Bane battles Wonder Woman in a pitched fight.
This is a vote between Harry Potter, Eragon, and The Ember Series. My personal favorite is the Em...
Which Harry Potter Book Is The Best 2008-10-15
Which harry potter book is the best
Superheroes Fight 2009-11-07
Pick the winner of each fight. In each fight, the heroes are fighting for keeps, no punches pull...
Poll: Who is Your Favorite Batman Villain? 2010-05-30
Poll: Who is Your Favorite Batman Villain?
Would you watch an animated film based on the Book "The Spooks Apprentice"? 2015-05-19
Would you be interested in watching an animated film based on the book call "The Spooks Appr...
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 2009-01-14
I'm doing an art project on Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and I need to know which scene (cha...
Boys who read this magazine 2014-05-19
For boys 6-15
ALternate Fates Hermione Granger 2021-11-12
Hermione Granger has been captured by Bellatrix. The following questions determine the fates of h...
UncannyXmen Polls 2001-03-08
Polls on the X-men of course
Best book of all time! 2008-08-02
Which book do you think is the best of all time!
Superhero Fights 2008-08-25
This is a poll of Superheroes vs Superheroes. It will be random characters fighting each other.