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Books 2002-04-29
X-MEN 2003-01-27
Who is your fav x-man???
Comic poll 2003-05-28
The Ultimate Comic Book Poll.
Superman Vs X-Men 2003-06-06
Superman is taking on each of the X-Men Gold and Blue in one on one fights
What is your favorite magazine? ( girls only ) 2003-06-15
Girls I just wanna find out everyones favorite magazine no big deal.
Books, books, books! 2004-08-13
A poll about books, reading, and other book related stuff!
Favorite Weasley 2005-04-29
Which is your favorite Weasley member?
Harry Potter in it's Perfect Poll 2005-10-08
This poll all about the Potter movies, books, the characters, and its celebrities.
Avengers versus X-Men 2005-11-09
Greatest Super Fight of All Time!
Alice in Wonderland title 2005-11-24
A hard bit o' trivia
Is Superman or Batman a better superhero? 2006-01-03
so what do you think?...if you had to choose one or the other which would it be??
What are elves like? 2006-02-16
There are several completely different approaches concerning the character and nature of elves in...
Who is the best superhero? 2006-03-25
Taking into account powers abilities and weaknesses who is the best superhero?
spiderman vs batman, who would win? 2006-03-25
Who would win in a fight, spiderman, or batman?
Woleverine vs Batman 2006-04-04
Who would honestly win in a fight between these to famouse "anti" heros... Claws vs bra...
Do you hate Harry Potter? 2006-06-10
I personally hate Harry Potter(and a large part of the books) and I want to know whether you hate...
Superman vs juggernaut 2006-07-04
Who win in a battle?
Harry potter vs Spiderman 2006-07-08
Magic or technology! fantasy or sci-fi! wizardry or science! wizard or a superhero! YOU DECIDE!!!
The Ultimate Superhero Poll 2006-07-13
This poll is about everything superheroes.
Harry Potter vs LOTR vs Narnia vs Eragon 2007-01-23
Which of these 4 popular novels has the best story?
BookS 2007-04-09
Which of the famous books do you like? and does it matter on gender, if one book is more liked?
snape good or evil? 2007-05-08
is snape good or evil
Marvel vs Marvel 2007-06-25
Who is Mightier
spiderman villians face off 2007-10-07
who beats who in spidey's villian gallery?
PDF Converter for Blogs 2008-02-05
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