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Are boys in skinny jeans hot? 2013-12-06
A poll preferably for girls about whether skinny jeans are hot and what type of skinny jeans are ...
Full Sagging pants poll 2013-11-25
Sagging is a good trend
Poll for girls about petticoats! 2013-11-25
Hi, I guess most of you think petticoats are a secret girl-thing that us boys are too embarrassed...
Girls Sagging 2013-11-18
Do girls sag or not?
Denim jackets 2013-11-18
Denim jackets
Piercings for Girls 2013-11-12
Girls with Piercings
Young guys and beards 2013-11-06
Why are young guys now wearing beards?
Best name 2013-10-28
Tee Committee Tee Works Hot Pressed Tees Tshirt Consciousness Teexperience Tee Off Red Hot ...
Should I cut my hair off? 2013-10-04
I have to get a haircut soon. My hair is really long but I was thinking of getting it cut shorter...
leather poll 2 2013-10-04
this is my second poll on leather skirts or dresses. i noticed the way the answers were set in t...
Leather skirts or dresses 2013-09-30
Out of sociological interest I am curious about who wears leather skirts or dresses more. thi...
Why do you wear jeans? 2013-09-27
Few question about jeans, and why do you wear them.
Ladies, please give me a girly makeover 2013-09-27
im a crossdresser, but I need some help. Please feel free to add anything, descriptions, links, etc.
Boys sagging 2013-09-16
Do you sag (wear trousers low)? If so where do you sag and why do you do it. If not then why not?...
Briefs dares 2013-09-13
Briefs dares
What to do with this guy? 2013-09-13
What to do with this guy?
Girls, do you wear toe rings? 2013-09-05
Girls, do you wear toe rings?
Sexy, girly costume....for a guy? 2013-09-05
Sexy, girly costume....for a guy?
Fashions Trends and Music in the UK 2013-08-27
If you were a young man in the UK in the late 70s/early 80s what trends were you into?
American eagle men's underwear 2013-08-12
American eagle men's underwear
What would you do to me in this situation? 2013-08-12
I lost a bet to my sister, now for this upcoming weekend I have to be her human doll. That means ...
Teens underwear for guys 2013-08-12
Teens underwear for guys
Do girls like boys wearing shorts? 2013-08-01
Do girls like boys wearing shorts?
sagged pants(girls opinion) 2013-07-10
I am a guy and I want to know your(women) opinion on sagged pants. Is it attractive? Why do you t...
Teen Boy Underwear Questions 2013-07-08
I want to find out what kind and how teen boys ages 10-17 wear their underwear.