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Guys Ear Piercings... 2013-03-11
I am planning on getting my ear(s) pierced over spring break. I am 19 and my parents never let me...
Skirt vs pants. Would you rather... 2013-03-05
A friend and I were trying to decide what to wear to an event. We did not know what was expected....
should boys wear girls swimsuits& loetards 2013-02-25
i am a 13 year old boy i think boy should wear girls swimsuits & loetards
leotards and swimsuits and other 2013-02-25
this poll is perfect who like leotards swimsuits unitards and boys wearing these
Crop Tops 2013 2013-02-25
Last year, crop tops were super popular among celebrities, models, beachgoers, etc., especially i...
Is it strange for a guy to take off his shoes at a wedding? 2013-02-19
Im 14 years old and male.Im 5ft,8 in with light brown hair and blue eyes.Im not a big guy,but Im ...
Guys and painted toenails 2013-02-14
Guys, have you ever painted yor toenails?
My new dress code 2013-02-05
Hi there, My Mom wants a new dress code for me. She wants me to be classic, conservative and stri...
What is your choice 2013-01-29
When I look around me I see that guys seem to wear a wide variety of clothing types and that seem...
Guys wearing Girl Jeans (Girls Only) 2013-01-25
How do you feel about guys wearing girl jeans?
Whats your favorite Spring style? 2013-01-17 (closed)
There are so many styles for just one season! Spring is right around the corner, and its time to ...
Fashion Poll 2013-01-17
Whats the hottest things in the fashion industry ? You be the Judge !
What goes with bare feet... 2013-01-14
okay yeah, you read the title, but what do you like to wear when barefoot? What do you think look...
Jewelry 2013-01-10
Color preference 2013-01-09
Blue Pink Green Orange Yellow Purple Red
Boys in girls' gymnastic leotards 2013-01-07
How do people think about Boys wearing girls' leotards
Men's underwear waistband showing 2013-01-03
For those who like to see the waistband of a guy's underwear showing.
(Women only) A guy in tight red vinyl pants 2013-01-03
(Women only) A guy in tight red vinyl pants
Underwear and swimwear poll for men 2013-01-03
I was just wondering what people think the best kind of underwear and swimwear is.
New Year's Resolution: Wearing Smaller Swimwear (Men Only) 2013-01-02
With the styles moving away from the long shorts to smaller-sized suits, will you join in and mak...
Socks VS Barefeet 2012-12-18
Socks VS Barefeet
School Uniform Polos 2012-12-13
This is for anyone who likes to button up their polos or who goes to a school that requires polos...
Nylon raincoats and other rainwear 2012-12-13
Then and now: your thoughts and memories. Feel free also, to contribute to the Message Board as y...
Women and clothes, etc. 2012-12-12
Do women dress to impress and attract men or do women dress to intimidate each other?
Best Pantyhose Poll Ever 2012-12-10
Best Pantyhose Poll Ever