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Boxers vs. Briefs 2012-12-04 (closed)
Boxers vs. Briefs
Girls, what brand of jeans do you wear? 2012-11-26
This poll is intended for women of all ages.
Girls and Women - Are you comfortable showing your legs in a swimming costume? 2012-11-26 (closed)
Female swimsuits generally offer no leg coverage. Are you comfortable with being seen in a swimsuit?
Children wearing high heels 2012-11-26
I've always had shoes and sandals with a small stiletto to wear for dressing up which my mother m...
Dress shirts without an undershirt 2012-11-26
I try to convince all my colleagues at my office that wearing an undershirt under your dress shir...
Posed Fashion Award Nominations 2014 2012-11-12
The Posed Fashion Awards was created to highlight, celebrate and recognize the talents of those w...
Too button 2012-11-07
This is a poll to see how people wear their top button on polo shirts
Girls: what type of swimsuit do you prefer to wear? 2012-11-07
Girls only!
Guys, What is your favorite underwear design? 2012-11-05
I like shopping for underwear by myself, this is the best way to choose the right and comfortable...
(Women only) A guy in a patent leather motocycle jacket 2012-11-05
(Women only) A guy in a patent leather motocycle jacket
Women and their shoes (Men only) 2012-10-26
Is it interesting what shoes a woman wears? And how far would this go? I have a thing for shoes, ...
Muscular Boys: Do they look better in boxers or bikinis? - Ladies only! 2012-10-26
Ladies in your opinion, which style of underwear and swimwear look better on fit, muscular guys?
speedos 2012-10-22
sexy Halloween Costume ideas - females only! 2012-10-10
what would look most attractive/hot to wear for Halloween?
Why do women play with their shoes (Men only) 2012-10-04
Hi! You probably notice a lot of women have a hard time keeping their shoes on :) So now is my qu...
Why does it feel good to take a shoe off? 2012-10-04
I'm really wondering why a lot of women take their shoe off while sitting somewhere. Is it just f...
Straight or Curled?? 2012-10-04
I dont know how I should do my hair.. I like it both ways but need some outside opinion
Crop Tops 2012 2012-10-01
The crop top (also known as belly shirt, half shirt, cutoff shirt, midriff shirt, etc.) has recen...
Do you wear footed pajamas? 2012-09-25
Do you wear footed pajamas?
Cold weather clothes 2012-09-25
Girls, what do you wear at school in winter?
Manicures and pedicures for men? 2012-09-25 (closed)
Should men get pedicures and manicures?
Fashion equallity for men. 2012-09-18 (closed)
Should men be allowed to wear female clothes if they wanted to without being harrased or labled a...
GIRLS PLEASE ANSWER: If a BOY lost a BET to YOU... 2012-09-18
And had to go for a walk around the block wearing lipstick...
Men's Jockey Underwear 2012-09-17
This is a poll for both male and female who like Jockey brand underwear.
Bra Size 2012-09-14
Curious if body size dictates bra size.