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2nd Annual F**k Yeah Awards 2014-09-19 (closed)
After putting it off for months and months, the time for voting has finally arrived. Pick what yo...
The films of Stanley Kubrick 2014-09-12
Stanley Kubrick is one of the greatest directors of all time. Some have their favourite Kubrick f...
Favorite Movie 2014-08-13
Just one question, what is your favorite movie?
Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees 2014-08-05
who would win? and let me know why...share your knowledge.
wolfs vs vampires 2014-07-24
wolfs vs vampires
Oz vs Wonderland vs Neverland vs Narnia 2014-07-14
Four alternate worlds from classic children's literature.
Star Wars vs Star trek 2014-06-13
There has been an argument for decades about this, and I mean decades. I wish to end this fight t...
Godzilla 1998 vs. Godzilla 2014 2014-06-09
Tell me what you think about the Godzilla movies made by the americans.
Jacob Goodnight vs Leatherface 2014-06-02
who is deadliest? the large man with the deadly hook or the huge chainsaw weilding texan
Disney Star Wars 2014-05-19
Does Star Wars have a bright future or will it be ruined by Disney?
Which do you like better. Frozen, or (the show) Scooby Doo? 2014-03-14
Which do you like better. Frozen, or (the show) Scooby Doo?
Best Director 2014-03-10
Who should have won the Oscar?
Best Picture 2014-03-07
Which one should have won the Oscar?
2014 Methane Movie Awards Final Ballot 2014-01-27 (closed)
Now that the nominees have been decided, its time to choose the winners. Choose the one that sho...
What's your favorite Ben Affleck movie??? 2014-01-16
you choice
Do you think Ben Affleck is a good choice to play Batman? 2014-01-16
We'll all remember where and when we were when we heard this big news of this casting. What are t...
How Far Should Actresses Go for Role? (Graphic) 2014-01-10
In the US version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo actress Rooney Mara chose to actually get many o...
2014 Methane Movie Awards Nominating Ballot 2013-12-31 (closed)
2013 has come and gone and now it's time to give the worst movies of that year their just dessert...
Best 2012 Movies 2013-11-12
This poll is about successful 2012 movies, please choose wisely.
Halloween Horror Nights 2013-11-12
Which houses do you want to see in 2014?
Dystopian Questionnaire 2013-11-06
Dystopian Questionnaire
Ultimate Best Movie Ever *Star wars Episode IV A New Hope edition* 2013-10-16
Which Movie is the best?
Oz the Great and Powerful vs Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland 2013-10-04
Two fantasy movies. Both based on classic fairy tales where little girls dream of magical worlds....
Animation Poll 2013-10-04
This poll will focus on what you personally enjoy or prefer about animated films. The first 5 ...
Preferred Animation Style 2013-09-23
Preferred Animation Style