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Which song song should be the next single for lady gaga's album, "Born This Way" 2011-09-19 (closed)
If your a Lady Gaga fan and have been listening to her debut album "Born This Way", whi...
MUSIKA 2011-09-19 (closed)
Pink Floyd v.s Led Zeppelin 2011-09-14
Two great bands...your choice...
Witter's Walkout 2011-09-14
Choosing a walkout song for baseball season :)
Band Shirts or Band Braclets? 2011-09-14 (closed)
Band Shirts or Band Braclets?
Best Rapper Ever to Live? 2011-09-13
Best Rapper Ever to Live?
What Concert Band/Wind Band Instrument do you play ? 2011-08-24
What Concert Band/Wind Band Instrument do you play ?
BEST Aaliyah remix/remake or original song 2011-08-23 (closed)
BEST Aaliyah remix/remake or original song
Does a guy listening to Girl music make him gay? 2011-08-15
Ima Teenage Guy. I Love music so i will listen to anything. but is there a line where a song is t...
Greatest guitarist of all-time? 2011-08-15
Test the Rolling Stone's opinion of the greatest guitarists of all-time.
Do You Think I Can Sing? 2011-08-13
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3csR9YlrL54&feature=mh_lolz&list=LL0QRcaNa6rrQ A. Amazing...
Which of The Wings of Autumn songs do you like the most? 2011-08-13 (closed)
A voting on the music of a Russian rock band, The Wings of Autumn.
Girlband War!!! 2011-08-13
Girlband War!!!
Which is better? 2011-08-13
Which is better?
Digital Music Copyright 2011-08-08 (closed)
Just a quick couple of q's
Who Is The Best Rap Artist? 2011-08-08
Vote for your favourite rap artists and the best rap songs
Rock History 2011-08-08 (closed)
Rock History
A7x, Disturbed, Slipknot, Breaking Benjamin, and 3dg 2011-08-08
I wanna know your opinions on some of my favorite bands
Radio / Music Poll 2011-07-27 (closed)
We wish to understand listening habbits plus prefered genre etc.,
Elliott Smith 2011-07-21
This poll is about my favorite artist, Elliott Smith.
Best of Pink Floyd! 2011-07-13
Vote in this if you LOVE Pink Floyd.
What Instruments Do You Play? 2011-07-09
I want to know what instruments everyone plays
Who is more iconic in Music? 2011-07-09
I know this seems crazy there is some crazy person seems not to know this answer.
Best of Led Zeppelin 2011-07-09
Choose the best songs in a variety of categories of the greatest rock band in the world
Music 2011-07-07 (closed)
A series of musical questions