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Who's the Greatest Rock Guitarist of All Time? 1999-10-30
Every kid that picks up an electric guitar has his, or her, favorite, but are they really the mos...
GINUWINE POLLS!!!! 1999-08-02
These are some polls about Ginuwine, my favorite singer, please vote, i'm open to your opinions.
The Pink Floyd Poll 1999-02-14
This is it, finally a poll dedicated to Pink Floyd. Fill in the answers to the questions, then se...
The Greatest Rock'n Roll Poll 1999-02-02
Vote for your Favorites, and let's see who wins.
KoRn: FaMiLy VaLueS 1999-01-10
Lately you either luv KoRn or hate em. Personally, i luv em. If your a fan & wanna talk bou...
The Monkees- What's Your Opinion Of Them? 1998-12-20
Hello to all of those Monkees fans. My name is Anna and now I feel so loved that you want to answ...