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Tha most Phattist,Talented, R&B Group? 2001-10-24
Which one of these do YOU think is the most phattist r&b group,had the tightest Jamz,is the m...
Hottest Girl Star 2001-10-22
I got some questions u people.....
NSYNC 2001-10-22
Welcome juss answer my questions.
aerosmith or ac/dc 2001-10-22
aerosmith or ac/dc
Fave 2001-10-22
puleaze cast a vote
Best Madonna song 2001-10-22
Which song of the Material Girl is your fave?
Favorite music 2001-10-21
What kind of music do you like?
Blur versus Oasis - it's ur vote 2001-10-20
It's the question every1's been asking since Brit-pop began mid-90's. Now you can decide on the a...
The Ultimate "Best" Music Group Poll 2001-10-20
This is the biggest and best music group poll around. You'll have tons of fun answering these qu...
DJs Cool Blink 182 Poll 2001-10-20
This is all about Blink 182.
Backstreet's Boys Fans Favorite Stuff 2001-10-19
Vote on everthing you think is hot about the Backstreet Boys
Crossover 2001-10-18
What do you think of "crossover" bands like: Lifehouse, P.O.D., dc Talk....
Who would make a great bellydancer?? 2001-10-17
Belly Dancing was(still is,i guess) one of the hottest fads in the country.Which of the below cel...
Ozzy Vs. The Doors 2001-10-17
I know they are not close but they are my 2 favorite bands!
Bands 2001-10-16
Punk, which bands will never sell out?
Pearl Jam 2001-10-16
Pearl Jam
Sarah Brightman Poll 2001-10-16
How Do You Feel about The Best Soprano?
Rockers Who Are Women 2001-10-16
A poll on who are the greatest female singers and performers of the last 25 years.
Anacrusis 2001-10-15
The Carpenters' Song Poll 2001-10-15
What are your most favourite Carpenters' songs? (We have tried to include every track from all o...
Obscure Artists? 2001-10-14
There are a lot of artists that I listen to that no one I know has even heard of. I'd like to kno...
Favorite Type Of Hard Music 2001-10-11
I am a big fan of all types of hard music. I wanna know what's the most popular. If you can think...
Punk's Best Guitarist 2001-10-09
Who is punk's best guitarist based on talent and creativity?
Punk's Best Frontman 2001-10-09
Who is punk's best singer or singer/guitar player(s). If you dont understand you'll catch on with...
Whats the best Spanish Hip-Hop band out there? 2001-10-06
Pick your favorite spanish hip-hop bands.(more than one can be chosen. If there is an awesome spa...