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Best Group Ever! 2001-11-28
Who is the best?
My Kind Of MUSIC! 2001-11-27
The Cry-Baby Emo kid quizzy-thingee 2001-11-27
This is a poll quiz type thingee to see people's emo-ness-ity (?) it's all about how badly your ...
Rap Music 2001-11-26
Is rap music good or bad? U decide and see what other people think.
Creed Albums 2001-11-26
This is about Creed (The band, just incase u didn't know, haha)
Hex Hector 2001-11-26
uhhh this pole is about hex hector
Favorite song 2001-11-26
What is your fav Song??????
Techno Music 2001-11-26
Favorite Song by: 2001-11-26
What is you favorite song by the following artists:
Orgy poll 2001-11-24
I dont think there are any orgy polls here...since they're my favorite band i decided to make one...
Who is the most pretentious singer? 2001-11-24
The most pretentious singer is....
N'sync Poll 2001-11-24
This is a poll of N'sync
Who is hotter? 2001-11-24
This poll is to help me settle a bet with my freinds. We want to know which one of theese female...
The Nelson Twins 2001-11-21
Did you ever like the Band Nelson? Did you love or hate them, Do you know anything about them? Le...
Marilyn Manson or Slipknot 2001-11-19
So who do you like more Marilyn Manson or Slipknot? Take my poll and find out.
punk rock 2001-11-19
punk rock? cool, answer away...
Vote On Your Favorite ROCK!!! 2001-11-19
Pick your favorite 20 songs from a list of titles and artists.
Slipknot! 2001-11-14
I want to know what people think about the hottest band in the world.
Marilyn Manson, love or hate? 2001-11-12
This is simply a poll of who like and dislikes Marilyn Manson and to what extent it goes.
The Ultimate Diva of ALL 2001-11-12
Vote NOW!!
**Who's the best DIVA?** 2001-11-12
Go ahead and make yourself heard! Who will it be?
Music... The tough ones. 2001-11-11
I want to find out who or what people think is the best when it comes to music...
The Noise Poll 2001-11-11
What is YOUR favorite type of noise?
Travis - The Man Who 2001-11-10
I'd like your opinions on Travis' second album, The Man Who.
Female Singer vs. Female Singer 2001-11-10
Which is better between the match-ups