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Music Polls 2001-06-27
Vote on you favorite songs, groups, artists, radio stations plus more!!
Depeche Mode remixes: crap or not? 2001-06-27
The new series of singles that has been released of Depeche Mode's album 'Exciter' are in for hea...
R&B fan poll. 2001-06-26
A poll to determine the best R&B artists of yesterday and today.
Best Band Name... 2001-06-22
This band has a similar sound to Phish. But they are very funky and no two songs sound the same....
beatles poll 2001-06-22
well hello there beatle fans the time has come to make the decision....what is the best song/albu...
Go on...don't be biased....be truthful. take into account talent!! NOT looks.
Band name. 2001-06-20
I'm a loser.
Who's your favourite Backstreet Boy?
BEST SINGLE 2001-06-19
Which one of these would you rather listen to?
What is the greatest hard/rock band of all time? 2001-06-18
Here's the list of the 10 greatest mainstream bands ever. Which is the greatest?
*NSYNC 2001-06-17
Ok lets find out what you really know about the hottest guys in the world!!
limp bizkit vs. backstreetboys 2001-06-14
who is better?
metalic verses 2001-06-14
what type of metal music you are currently listening?
MuSiC PoLL 2001-06-13
A poll about music
McGraw Baby 3 2001-06-11
For the Yahoo! Club Gracie Maggie Tim Faith.
music 2001-06-04
whom do you like?
Most talented of the Beatles 2001-06-04
#1 singles, artistic integrity, and overall influence on society combine to shed light on the lea...
marcia's music poll 2001-05-31
something missing? if you have some ideas on any extra questions i should add, or any extra optio...
!!!!!TUPAC!!!!! 2001-05-28
is tupac alive??
Music TV 2001-05-28
Vote On Your Favorite Music Television Stations
Best PopGroup/Star 2001-05-25
Hi ppl, i jus wana know who u reckon is the BEST
Rock Bands 2001-05-22
This poll disregards all the nonsense questions about Britney and Christina. It also disposes th...
Here's your chance to vote for the best band ever
BLACK METAL 2001-05-19
Pick which band you think is better out of each section. If you don't know the band just skip it...
attitude 2001-05-17
this is a poll about our band attitude visit our web page we are a rock band.