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MUSIC POLL 2001-05-17
Please take this music poll, it's for my science class!!! 2001-05-14
Why do you like the music that you like. Is it because of the music, the lyrics, or do you enjoy ...
incubus (music) 2001-05-14
this is about incubus
Best Bands of All Time 2001-05-12
This poll is to see who everyone thinks should be one of the best bands of all time.
Music - Radiohead 2001-05-12
I believe these to be the best band around.
Music in general 2001-05-09
Music is amazing it can make you feel good or bad.
Ultimate Korn Poll 2001-05-06
U like korn?? PROVE IT!!
BEST ROCK BAND 2001-05-04
Music 2001-05-01
What's hot, what's not
Flute Survey 2001-05-01
This poll is to test your flute knowledge, as well as to help you see the likes and dislikes of o...
Nelly Fans!! 2001-04-28
This poll, every week will be sent to Fo' Reel Records, so make some really wise desicions.
Battle of the Bands! 2001-04-26
Vote now, another version of this poll was located on my website, however it was set up in differ...
Nirvana Vs Rage Against The Machine 2001-04-26
Who do YOU feel is the better band?
thompson 2001-04-22
out of all you ppl at tjhs, what music do you prefer?
The ultimate Metallica poll.
Music Quiz 2001-04-19
Just a little music quiz I came up with.
The Cola War 2001-04-19
The Cola War/Who Should Win?
Eminem: Genius or Jerk? 2001-04-17
Is Eminem a musical genius? Or are his lyrics actually hateful?
Music Types 2001-04-16
pick your fave music types, what interests you the most.
Battle of the Teen Pop Blondes 2001-04-16
Sure, everyone knows the words to "Oops! I Did It Again!" whether they want to or not, ...
BBMak:They're Only Human! 2001-04-15
Sure the three handsome, talented lads in BBMak are on the fast track to superstardom all over th...
O-Town poll 2001-04-13
Everyone knows that O-Town rules, but take this poll anyway.
Who do you love in Nsync? 2001-04-07
Hey there! I know, I know, another Nsync poll. The goal is simple: which Nsyncer would you want t...
Signed Artists vs Independent 2001-03-30
Which do you like to hear more? Big names like dc Talk, Jars of Clay, Steven Curtis Chapman.........
Favorite Group 2001-03-30
Tell me which group you like the most