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Christina or Britney 2000-12-03
Who is the best performer?
Best bands? 2000-11-23
This is a thing about bands.
Music Voting Poll 2000-11-09
Why not vote? Questions about Slipknot, and other bands
The Weird Al Yankovic Poll!!!!! 2000-11-05
For all you Al fans out there!
For anyone who plays the guitar. 2000-10-31
In order to get accurate results,I ask you,my fellow guitarist,to think before you decide.Please ...
Dixie Chicks 2000-10-29
The Dixie Chicks are cool.
warning 2000-10-20
choose your favorite song off "warning"
nimrod 2000-10-20
choose your favorite song off "nimrod"
dookie 2000-10-20
choose your favorite song off of "dookie"
kerplunk! 2000-10-20
choose your favorite song off of "kerplunk!"
Christina Aguilera Poll 2000-10-18
Personally I don't understand the hype over Christina Aguilera, she doesn't make my type of music...
Female Singers 2000-09-25
This poll is about female singers
Greatest rock band of all time 2000-09-23
Many people think the Beatles are the greatest rock'n'roll band of all time
Savage Garden Poll 2000-09-15
This poll is just to let the Savage fan express their opinions.
Did Brittney Get Implants? 2000-09-12
Based on the UNTOUCHED photos you have just seen...
WHITE WITCH song vote!! 2000-08-29
Vote for your 3 favorite White Witch songs and then check the results!!
Goo Goo Dolls poll 2000-08-12
Knock yourself out!
BSB vs. Nsync 2000-07-18
Nows the time to see wich band is better!!!!!
Ben Folds Five Poll 2000-05-12
Please vote in the following catagories. Thanks for submiting!
Your Favorite Progressive Rock Sub-Genre Poll 2000-04-21
What is your favorite prog sub-genre ?
Favorite Marillion Albums 2000-04-20
Plz, choose your favorite marillion albums. This result will help many people to select marillio...
Are You Sick Of Boy Bands? 2000-03-02
Backstreet Boys, 98º, N*Sync, Youngstown, LFO, C-Note, etc. . .!!! Are you sick of Boy Bands pop...
The Dylan Poll 1999-12-06
Bob Dylan's career has spanned more than three decades. That can make choosing just one Dylan al...
Andrea Bocelli Poll 1999-11-16
Who are the typical Bocelli fans?
The NiNe Inch Nails Poll 1999-10-31
A one man machine created to peel back the skin and expose us to out darkside... what do we think...