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MP3s: Good or Bad? 2001-11-10
I'm conducting this survey as part of a persuasive speech, and would appreciate it if you took a ...
Backstreet Boulevard 2001-11-10
Backstreet Boys fans only!
Today's Music 2001-11-09
Where do your tastes lie?
Dylan: Love and Theft 2001-11-09
Dylan's "Love and Theft" is undoubtedly a masterwork.
Vote for your Favorite Song 2001-11-09
Check out upcoming artist Bobby Moon's latest songs and vote for your favorite one.
What's your favorite drum corps? 2001-11-09
Hey people, vote for your favorite drum and bugle corps here--if I left any out or you wanna leav...
*Best Duet* 2001-11-09
The Punk Poll 2001-11-09
This a poll to see different things about punk.
What Do You Love Most About Jodeci? 2001-11-09
Hey Ya'll!! What do you love most about The Tightest R&B Band? Take this poll.
A Jodeci Poll 2001-11-09
This is a poll asking if Jodeci will be able to come back and make some noise in the 2K...and som...
Blink 182 Punk or not? 2001-11-09
This is a poll to see what you think about Blink 182 as being refered to as Punk.
songs 2001-11-09
I just want to know what u think of some songs.
Who is your favorite band? 2001-11-09
choose your favorite band of these
**Best Song Of ALL time** 2001-11-09
Pick the song that you love. Make yourself heard NOW!
My taste in Music 2001-11-09
I'm just curious how my taste is compared to other peoples.
Music2 2001-11-09
Hope You Like My Poll!!
Male Singer vs. Male Singer 2001-11-09
Which is better between the match-ups?
Greatest Song By Mariah. 2001-11-09
Please be honest. thanxs.
Favorite 80's Movie Song 2001-11-07
The 80's had great movie soundtracks...vote for your favorite song here.
*Sexiest Diva* 2001-10-29
Go Ahead And Pick the best ones!
Who's the CUTEST member of Dream Street? 2001-10-26
Who is the cutest member to you? Please only vote ONCE!!!
Will Jodeci's new album do well? 2001-10-25
Jodeci's new album is coming out November 13 or early 2002. They are currently in the studio Now....
STM Teens music! 2001-10-25
Hey, you guys, vote on ur music preferences
What do you think of th ozmans new cd?
which singers and bands do u like best 2001-10-24
this poll is 4 which singers and bands u like best!!!!!!