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Which is the best boy band? 2001-10-05
Hey everyone!How you all doing? Well im great, Please vote for your favorite boy band,i would rea...
"Down To Earth" Favorite Song Poll 2001-10-05
Pick your favorite song!
Favorite Instrumental 2001-10-04
Thanks for voting!
What is your favorite N'Sync song? 2001-10-04
These song are out of the last three cds they have made. Please be completly honest and only vot...
what should the name of our band be? 2001-10-03
alright well...me ian jake bushy reagan and carl are in a band...but we need a name so HELP US!
Whats your favorite COB song? 2001-10-03
Tell me your favorite children of bodom song...
The Punk Poll 2001-10-03
All punk fans vote. Who do you think is the best band.
What should I name my guitar? 2001-10-03
It's an electric American Fender
Who is better you think? 2001-10-03
Which of these artists do you like most?
Who's Your Favorite Male Music Artist? 2001-10-02
Music/ Fav. Band 2001-10-02
Wassup, Enjoy
Who do u think the best rock singer is
vote on your favroite rock band to show that you are a fan
Name my band! 2001-09-28
Name my band. Choose the best name of the ones below.
Why Does Eminem Suck? 2001-09-26
Eminem acts like he is soo cool. He thinks that he is soo bad and that his fame is from his own t...
What is Your Favorite Song? 2001-09-26
This will be a weekly poll on my website to determine what some of the best rock music is out there.
The Pink Poll 2001-09-26
Please complete this poll so we can compare fans opinions. ====================================...
80's Hard Rock/Heavy Metal Poll 2001-09-24
Who's music did you buy?
UK music! 2001-09-23
hellooo poll-takers. I just thought i'd see what you all think about the music business at the mo...
General Rock Music Poll 2001-09-23
Just some misc. questions.
How much do boy bands suck? 2001-09-22
Do u hate those stupid mind- numbing songs. I wanna find out how much pop is really liked. Be Hon...
BLACK SABBATH 2001-09-21
I would like to have your opinion concerning the band Black Sabbath.
Which Boyband is better? 2001-09-18
Which boyband do you like best?
What was the best band that played at Furnace Fest 2001? 2001-09-16
This is a poll, trying to see who was your guys and girls favorite band.
ThE pOp OdYsSeY aWaRdS 2001-09-06
welcome to the pop odyssey awards! please vote for who you think should win, thanks! :)