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The Captain's Mass-Debate 2001-03-27
It was in 1993 that Jim Steinman finally worked with Meat Loaf again and produced a hit album ent...
Slipknot 2001-03-27
metal band
Eminem 2001-03-18
Do you like Eminem? I know I do! Take this poll, to see what other people think about him too!
The Galaxy Poll 2001-03-18
Please answer these simple questions.
What is the best Music group? 2001-03-16
{ic your favorite band!
Top Songs 2001-03-13
Vote for your favorite songs
Best hiphop ever made. 2001-03-12
This poll is about the best hiphop songs, albums & artists.
Ultimate Teen Pop Star Poll 2001-03-09
Which teen pop stars have the best bods? Best music? Best staying power??
BSB-how much we love 'em!! 2001-03-06
Hey, sup?? BSB is cool!! do you think so??? answer questions to let me know if ya do!!
Rap Music Vs. Tha World 2001-03-06
Who is a better rapper?
Naughty Britney Spears 2001-03-06
Britney Spears swore recently at a concert without knowing that her radio mike was switched on. S...
THE BEST ROCK SONG EVER!!!!! 2001-03-05
Pick your favorite among the list.
Favorite Pop Band or Singer 2001-03-03
Hey, I thought it'd be cool if I found out how popular my favorite singer were, so take this poll...
Piccoflute Club Poll 2001-03-02
This is poll about the different types of instruments you prefer
Vote for you favorite song, guitarist, album and band.
Pop and such.. is it for you 2001-02-27
Is pop your main dish, or do you just like it on the side?
The Hottest Artists Of 2001 2001-02-20
This is you chance to pick the hottest artists of 2001
Good Pop Music 2001-02-19
Please vote for your favorites in all categories.
Favorite frontman 2001-02-19
Who's the lead singer of your favorite band? I'd like to know!
Music? 2001-02-18
What kind of music do you like best?
Hi! Can you guys help me pick which song(s) do you prefer to listen to right now? Thanks!
Interactive Music Charts--Weekly Top 100 Singles 2001-02-15
Instructions: Vote for as many artists as you want by clicking on the box next to the desired art...
O-TOWN HOTTIES!!! 2001-02-15
every one that loves boy bands have to love o-town ! !
Brittney Spears.vs.Christina Agulara 2001-02-12
Brittney or Christina
Who are the best bands? 2001-02-09
No more pop bands.....