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rhianna vs katy perry 2011-12-28
rhianna vs katy perry
The Best Musician(s) Ever - Top 100 2011-12-28 (closed)
A list of 100 of the most important musicians ever, organized into random match-ups. Time to vote...
What are your favorite 90's songs? 2011-12-28
Listed below are the songs that were released and became famous during 90's. This poll gauges wha...
Boyband Paling TOP 2011-12-18
Polling ini bertujuan untuk mengetahui mana boyband paling TOP di mata pembaca TOP (Thread Of Pan...
Which rapper is the best live performer? 2011-12-17 (closed)
Which rapper is the best live performer?
WeAreRnB.Com End Of Year Review 2011 2011-12-16 (closed)
Its Been One Hell Of A Year For Music! Alot Of New Artists Came And Alot Of Bigger Artists Just F...
X-Factor Final 4 Finish Order? 2011-12-16 (closed)
In what order do you want the four X-Factor finalists to finish.
Best Bad Religion album? 2011-12-16
Favorite Bad Religion album.
Best blink-182 album? 2011-12-16
Favorite blink-182 album.
Best Sum 41 album? 2011-12-16
Favorite Sum 41 album.
Best Rise Against album? 2011-12-16
Favorite Rise Against album.
Best My Chemical Romance album? 2011-12-16
Favorite MCR album?
best Green Day album? 2011-12-16
Your favorite Green Day album.
Which album in Lil' Wayne's 'Tha Carter series' is the best? 2011-12-13 (closed)
I personally like Tha Carter 2.. I'd like to see what other people think.
Do you know the Gorillaz? 2011-12-05
Come take my Gorillaz poll :D.
Music Preferences 2011-12-05 (closed)
I make a list of some popular songs in a week, based on counted plays on every US radio station. ...
Battle of the Bands II Round 2 2011-12-01
Whose music do you like more?
Top 20 band names... 2011-11-29
Hy, so here is a [long, I know...] list of band names I came across through name generators / tho...
The Beatles..........more than just music!!! 2011-11-22
My other one has mostly songs, so check that one out by beatleboy300. THE BEATLES OWN!!!!!
Beatles 2011-11-21
Beatle songs, artists, fans, etc.
Lil Wayne VS other Artists! 2011-11-20
This poll is to see how many people would prefer another artist over Lil Wayne. I personally don'...
Free Cliff Richard 2011-11-20 (closed)
Isn't it time that BBC Radio freed Cliff Richard who's been locked away in their vaults for too m...
Favorite Sexy Singer? 2011-11-16 (closed)
Vote for your fav. singer
Musical Instruments 2011-11-09
The general public's view on musical instruments.
Best Rappers 2011-11-08
Best Rappers