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Favorite Flop Album 2011-07-07
Which flopped album from the past decade is your favorite?
female singers Face off! 2011-06-30 (closed)
whats your views on the biggest female music stars
Whos the best rapper 2011-06-30 (closed)
Whos the best rapper
The big goth poll 2011-06-22
This is a poll about some of my favourite music groups.
American Idol Disney Princess Edition 2011-06-22
American Idol Disney Princess Edition
Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd? 2011-06-22
Both are agreeably the greatest bands ever made, with Pink Floyds album, 'Dark Side of the Moon' ...
Hey Everyone! Let's pick out the best name for Lacey Schwimmer's Fan Club :D
Most talented Avenged sevenfold band member? 2011-06-18
Who do you think is the most talented member in A7X. OBVIOUSLY they are all SUPER SUPER Talented,...
Rock Vs. Rap/Hip Hop 2011-06-08 (closed)
Rock Vs. Rap/Hip Hop
T.I. Vs Lil Wayne...Who's Better!!! 2011-06-08 (closed)
This is too describe who is a better rapper and mostly comparing them too..
Randy Rhoads Megapoll 2011-06-08
A Poll On Randy Rhoads
A catchy tune or meaningful lyrics? 2011-06-04 (closed)
What usually determines the songs you like, a catchy melody that gets stuck in your head, or lyri...
Green Day favorite song 2011-06-04
Green Day favorite song
The Official Beatles Poll 2011-06-04
Are you a true Beatles fan? Then this is for you!
Avril Lavigne vs. Taylor Swift 2011-06-04
Young female singer-songwriters face off!
THe Beatles or the Rolling Stones? 2011-05-29 (closed)
THe Beatles or the Rolling Stones?
Britney Spears vs. Lady Gaga 2011-05-28
The poll of two of the music icons.
Which Is Your Favourite One Hit Wonder 2011-05-26
Which Is Your Favourite One Hit Wonder
Kyza's Top 200 Part 1 2011-05-17 (closed)
Hey guys. DJ Kyza here. For a new Youtube series, I have decided to make a rock countdown, much l...
Top Ten 2011-05-16 (closed)
So, out of the list of songs from the semester, these were the top ten people voted for, now, vot...
Bandz 2011-05-16
What band you lyk most? Well outta the list...
Best Aahz Song 2011-05-16
What is you favorite Aahz song of All time
Which songs were the best this semester? 2011-05-12 (closed)
After about 3 months of shows, I've played a good deal of music. What were the best songs?
Rubber soul 2011-05-10
A general poll about the 6th album of the beatles rubber soul,one of their best!
Help! 2011-05-09
A general poll about the 5th album of the beatles help!