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Beatles for Sale 2011-05-05
a generall poll about the 4th album of the beatles,beatles for sales.It is not always easy to dec...
A hard day's night 2011-05-02
A general poll about the 3rd album of the beatles a hard day's night
With the beatles 2011-05-02
A general poll about the second album of the beatles with the beatles
Please please me 2011-05-02
a general poll about the first beatles album please please me
top10 most selling-music artists 2011-04-29
these are the 10 most selling music artist of all time. which one you prefere most and who is you...
Status quo 2011-04-29
general status quo poll.I found out that there is no poll for this great rock n roll band so here...
Help Us Choose Our Band Name 2011-04-23
Help us pick the new name for Mr. F-ing Peanut & The Accidental Moustache (HTG's Metalcore Si...
Construct the Ultimate Band 2011-04-22
The Beatles, John Lennon, Paul McCartney, The Who, John Entwistle, Keith Moon, Jimi Hendrix, Led ...
Do you like Green Day 2011-04-22 (closed)
green day
Do you like Ke$ha 2011-04-22 (closed)
do you like kesha
MCR 2011-04-16
What's your fave song? Album? Band member?
Alicia Keys vs. Beyonce ! 2011-04-16
R&B divas face off. Who would you vote for?
Music's affects on society 2011-04-16 (closed)
Music's affects on society
What band do you like? 2011-04-16
See what type of band intrests you by taking this poll....=D
Why is improvisation so underrated? 2011-04-16
The main form of improvised music today is jazz. But other forms still exist. Indian classical ...
Music survey 2011-04-08
I want to know, proportionately, how popular are the musicians I listen to. So Here's the poll, ...
Which 90's band is the best? 2011-04-08
Which 90's band is the best?
Best Rock Band 2011-04-05
Best Rock Band 60s 70s 80s. AC/DC, Beatles, Black Sabbath, Guns N Roses, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendri...
Favourite French Female Singers 2011-04-05
I include only those from Europe and with intercontinental fame. They are listed in chronological...
who is the best rapper of the world? 2011-04-01
who is the best rapper of the world?
Favourite Canadian Idol Winner 2011-04-01
Favourite Canadian Idol Winner
SCI (Song Competition International) Voting Page!!! 2011-03-26 (closed)
Visit the following link for more information about the competition: www.myspace.com/songcompetit...
Favorite Green Day member?(: 2011-03-26
So, I've noticed alot of people that are fans of Green Day; Billie Joe is the favorite, more ofte...
HELLO! we're a group of students in NTU RADIO FUSION and for our upcoming radio show, our theme i...
March Madness Rap Bracket - Midwest Round 2 2011-03-26 (closed)
March Madness Rap Bracket - Midwest Round 2