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President Obama Poll 2011-12-06 (closed)
This is a simple one-question poll. Does President Obama deserve a second term as President of th...
Student Political Participation 2011-11-29 (closed)
Student Political Participation
Police Regulation 2011-11-21 (closed)
Obviously there's a lot of back and forth right now over various movements and the police respons...
Should We End The War on Terror? 2011-11-21
..and when?
2012 Presidential Poll 2011-11-21
Who would you elect? Would you vote, or not?
Right To Property 2011-11-21
Right To Property
Marijuana 2011-11-21
Healthcare Public Opinion 2011-11-21 (closed)
For a high school government class project I am required to set up a public opinion poll on the h...
Gay Marriage 2011-11-18
I'm a high school student and for my Civics assignment I have to create a poll on a controversial...
US Debt 2011-11-17
AP Gov school assignment
The 'black agenda'............? 2011-11-17 (closed)
The 'black agenda'............?
Capital Punishment 2011-11-17 (closed)
your thoughts on capital punishment.
Should all citizens be guaranteed health care? 2011-11-16
Should all citizens be guaranteed health care?
Affirmative Action Poll - APGov Per. 1 2011-11-16 (closed)
This poll is an assignment for Mr. Kroesch's Period AP Gov Class at RBHS.
Three Strikes Law 2011-11-16
Doing a study for my AP Gov't class. Please answer the questions :)
Three Strikes Law 2011-11-09 (closed)
Three Strikes Law: Statutes enacted by state governments In the US, which require the state cour...
War in Afghanistan 2011-11-09
War in Afghanistan
Marijuana Use 2011-11-09 (closed)
This poll is a class assignment for Advanced Placement Government and Politics. I need as many pe...
Barack Obama's Presidency 2011-11-09
Barack Obama's Presidency
Occupy Wall Street 2011-11-08 (closed)
Occupy Wall Street
in general, do you trust the mainstream media? 2011-11-08
in general, do you trust the mainstream media?
Capital Punishment 2011-11-08
Capital Punishment
Gay Marriage 2011-11-08
Survey Questions about Gay Marriage
Afghanistan Opinion Poll 2011-11-03
Afghanistan Opinion Poll
U.S. Presidential Poll for 2012 with Third Party Option 2011-11-03 (closed)
Reports indicate that the Libertarian Party would welcome Rep. Ron Paul of Texas, currently a Rep...