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Voting Rights or Voter Fraud. 2012-06-20
There has been considerable controversy in regard to who can vote and what qualifies a person to ...
Political Phone Calls 2012-06-20
This is a poll to determine how people perceive political polls and whether they are more recepti...
U.S. to stop deporting some illegal immigrants 2012-06-19
President Obama Circumvents Congress and Signs an Executive Order allowing 800,000 young illegals...
The Buck Stops Where? On Bush or Obama. 2012-06-04
As we approach the 2012 Presidential election, there are still questions on who is responsible fo...
Do you support the legalization of marijuana in the U.S.? (U.S. citizens only) 2012-06-01
Asking whether or not you support the legalization of marijuana, and related questions.
Should the Reform Party of the United States of America Disband? 2012-05-29
A yes or no question about the RPUSA
Balancing the Federal Budget 2012-05-29
How do you believe the government should balance the Federal Budget?
What Political Party do you Support 2012-05-29
A poll to determine the support of the major and larger minor political parties in the United States
Current American Political Issues. 2012-05-29 (closed)
Hey kidz: This is a poll about political issues that are being discussed around the 2012 election...
US Constitution: 2nd Amendment--The Right to Bear Arms. 2012-05-24
THE 2ND AMENDMENT: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free sta...
US Costitution: 1st Amendment 2012-05-23
What is your opinion in regard to the First Amendment in the United States today? There are many...
Obama vs Romney 2012-05-18
This poll is designed to find which candidate is currently favored and why.
VotacionDominicana 2012-05-15
US Constitution 2012-05-14
How Do you believe the United States Constitution should be interpreted?
Obama (D) vs. Romney (R) 2012-05-07
If the election were held today, who would you vote for?
The Best USA states 2012-05-07
The Best USA states
Next Mayor for Passi City? 2012-04-23 (closed)
2013 mid-term eections is fast approaching. As preparations become intense, the local arena in pa...
President Obama's overall job performance: EXCELLENT? GOOD? FAIR? or POOR? 2012-04-23
Rating Obama's overall job performance for the entire period of his presidency (from Inauguration...
Which is the most polite nation? 2012-04-23
Which is the most polite nation?
Who will you vote for in the Umatilla County Sheriff's Race? 2012-04-19 (closed)
If the election was held today, for whom would you vote for Umatilla County Sheriff?
Who is the greater threat to world peace, Israel or North Korea? 2012-04-16
Israel has a policy of attacking and/or occupying neighbouring countries and is very likely to ha...
obama 2012-04-16
How much government is too much? 2012-04-13
Let's say there were three buttons on your desk in front of you, and you had to choose one of the...
Atheist political views 2012-04-09
This poll is for the purpose of discovering the political persuasions of self-described atheists....
Should one-term presidents continue to receive government pay? 2012-04-09
Should one-term presidents continue to receive government pay?