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Is America too big to fail? 2012-10-22
Greece is one of many nations in Europe currently facing a major debt crisis. In order to secure...
The Coalation HAlf-way Through 2012-10-22
The Conservative Lib Dem Coaltion is now Halfway Through the Five Year Parliment. Which makes it ...
Presidential Election Electoral College 2012 2012-10-10
Share your opinions and beliefs about the electoral college system.
Social Issues 2012-10-10
A poll about social issues.
NXS ROCK THE VOTE 2012 2012-10-10
Unemployment Rate true or false 2012-10-10
Are the unemployment numbers true or are they false? What do you think?
Election 2012 and Various Issues 2012-10-04
Election 2012 and Various Issues
Revolution and revolutions poll 2012-10-04
About revolutions of the past and present. Do we need a revolution? What type would that be? Did ...
Vote 2012-10-04
Cual debera ser la prioridad de Capriles cuando sea presidente 2012-10-04
Esta encuesta no se trata de conocer quien sera el proximo presidente ya que damos por descontado...
downfall up date 2012-10-01
political candidate polling site,Or poll sample location.
2012 U.S. Senate Races 2012-10-01
Vote who YOU want to win in the various Senate races happening this year. Remember, if you can, g...
Government Survey 2012-09-26
Government Survey
Do you think there should be a law banning firearms from citizen use and possess 2012-09-25
Do you think there should be a law banning firearms from citizen use and possess
Worldwide opinion USA Election 2012-09-25 (closed)
¿Who do you prefer, Barack Obama or Mitt Romney? Quite simple and without technical details or ...
Government 2012-09-25
Presidents 2012-09-25
Straight Talk Election 2012 2012-09-17
Simple straight talk on the 2012 presidential election.
Evolution in Schools 2012-09-17
This poll is to determine attitudes towards the teaching of creationism/intelligent design and ev...
2012 Election 2012-09-14 (closed)
Who are you most likely to vote for in November?
Obama Or Romney 2012-09-14
Obama Or Romney
What color are Obama's panties? 2012-09-14
Just curious. He's ovbiously a spineless little weasel. So I assume he wears panties. So what ...
Canadians (and Canada) in foreign point of view 2012-09-11
What do you think of Canada?
election 2012 congress and the states 2012-08-28
a look at the opinions of voters in the election for congress and the state houses
Political compass 2012-08-28
Please complete the following test to continue; http://www.politicalcompass.org/test