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How's Our Economy Doing? 2011-10-31
This poll is looking for opinions/insight on the current economy and how our government is handli...
The honest politican 2011-10-31 (closed)
Politics has been called many things besides honest. What are your views about it?
What are you thinking? 2011-10-31 (closed)
This is just to try to bring some reasoning to the thought of who to vote for, concerning the nex...
Publicly Funded Elections 2011-10-27
This is to determine the opinion of the people that elections (especially federal elections) shou...
best presidents 2011-10-27
of every four presidents who was best
How news affects political views 2011-10-27
How news affects political views
Social Media and Political Activity 2011-10-27
This poll is to examine the relation between social media and political activity.
who will be the next president of the united states 2011-10-27 (closed)
How Teenagers Affect Society (Adults Only) 2011-10-20 (closed)
This is a poll for adults about the impact teens have in society.
Occupying Wall Street 2011-10-18
Occupying Wall Street
Religion in Politics 2011-10-13 (closed)
Doing a project for AP Government on the affects of religion on politics in American culture. I w...
2012 Race 2011-10-11
Who would you vote for?
Ron Paul to Speak for Occupy Wall Street 2011-10-11 (closed)
Occupy Wall Street needs a leader. I'm sure most of the people protesting would be happy with him...
Drinking Age? 2011-10-10 (closed)
Voice your ideas on what you think the legal age for drinking alcohol should be! :)
Political Ideology 2011-10-10 (closed)
This poll asks questions to the user, leaning him or her to political standpoints.
U.S Economy~ 2011-10-10 (closed)
Gay Rights- Legal vs. Illegal 2011-10-10
Gay Rights- Legal vs. Illegal
how much do you trust the western media on international affairs, e.g 9/11? 2011-10-10
politics, current affairs, terrorism, islam, international affairs, government, statist, trust, a...
Opinions on the political world. 2011-10-10
This is a survey for my AP GoPo class. Please answer truthfully according to your OWN opinion. Th...
Which is the worst president? 2011-10-10
Which is the worst president?
Political Polarization in America Today 2011-10-10
Political Polarization in America Today
Gay Rights 2011-10-10
Gay Rights
U.S. Immigration Policy 2011-10-10
U.S. Immigration Policy
Abortion 2011-10-10 (closed)
Drug Issue Poll 2011-10-10 (closed)
Drug Issue Poll