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Son in frontline in army in direct combat 2011-05-05
Would you be happy with your son serving in direct combat in the army?
Barack Obama's Presidency 2011-11-09
Barack Obama's Presidency
What do you think of the different U.S. political parties? 2012-01-06
Asking about the two main U.S. political parties (Democratic and Republican) and the three major ...
Health Care Act and Church Attendance 2012-02-13
I have wondered if there is a correlation either way between church attendance and support for or...
Would you vote for a.... 2012-06-25
Would you vote for a....
Evolution in Schools 2012-09-17
This poll is to determine attitudes towards the teaching of creationism/intelligent design and ev...
Revolution and revolutions poll 2012-10-04
About revolutions of the past and present. Do we need a revolution? What type would that be? Did ...
Social Issues 2012-10-10
A poll about social issues.
which parties do you like and dislike 2012-11-17
which parties do you like and dislike
Who was the Worst President of the United States? 2012-12-04
Who do you think was the worst President of the United States?
Drinking Age 2012-12-13
This poll is to examine public attitudes towards the current uniform drinking age in the United S...
Is He? 2013-01-25
Is Barack Insane O'Bummer a: a) Communist b) Socialist c) pathological Liar
OBAMA NATION 2013-02-11
Stereotypes of the USA 2013-11-06
The United States has many stereotypes, whether true or not. What is your opinion on them? Do you...
Rate President Obama 2014-01-06
What do you think of our current president?
America vs Russia 2014-03-03
I'm talking about the New Cold War.
Should children be in school 10hours a day? 2014-03-14
Michael Gove calls for ten-hour school days. What is your opinion?
What woman should appear on the $10 bill? 2015-11-16
There has been a push to replace Alexander Hamilton's place on the $10 bill with a woman, who wou...
Is the Iran "deal" worse than Munich? 2015-11-17 (closed)
Some say that the Iran deal is a worse act of appeasement than the Munich agreement between Nevil...
A Little Bit of Everything 2016-08-13
A Little Bit of Everything
Working in the USA 2016-08-21
Working in the USA
Dewey Defeats Truman 2016-11-05
For those too young to appreciate the title. Dewey was favored to win and the Chicago Tribune ne...
President 2017-01-27
Test poll for Stats class.
Did You Vote? 2000-12-09
All those "no-votes"
Political Philosophies (USA) 2001-06-14
This poll is here to see where some people stand on some issues.