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Socialism or Capitalism 2002-08-07
If you had a choice of which type of government to live in, would you prefer Socialism or Capital...
Should women be at combat? 2003-03-25
Since women are not allowed to be up front at war, we think its pretty sexist. Women can do anyth...
Capital Punishment: Death penalty 2003-06-25
As you may know, the death penalty has not existed in Canada since the late 60's, it does however...
Your opinion is needed on Controversial issues 2003-09-08
What it says.... big, bad,controversial issues that everyone has a secret opinion on...voice your...
Gun control 2003-10-20
I just want to see who values human life more...
Introducing the Philippines presidential aspirants 2003-11-18
choosing the next philippines president is very hard to do... in helping others to decide, which ...
Do you think 16 year olds should be allowed to vote? 2004-02-02
This is poll is to research into whether the voting age should be lowered to 16.
THE WORLD IN 2055 2005-02-02
Marijuana Use 2005-02-21
How many occasions have you tried pot?
Would you have voted for Elvis? 2005-07-21
Who is the best elite military force? 2005-10-07
Which is the best of the best?
Fair Unbiased Political Poll 2005-11-14
WARNING: This poll is intended for Americans. But I don't mind if others take it also. For ea...
Middle Eastern Conflict 2006-08-14
Your opinions of the current ongoing crisis in the Middle East
Political Questions 2007-06-04
Questions about various political issues
Do you hate Japan 2007-10-15
Do you hate Japan, on how they never admit that they were wrong in the past!! E.g. Never apologis...
Who was the greatest British prime Minister? 2007-11-27
A poll to find the greatest British leader
Which country would YOU support? 2008-03-30
pick which country YOU would support if there was a war
COUNTRY POPULARITY-10 questions 2008-03-31
10 questions to determine country popularity
Who is afraid of China? 2008-04-24
Perceptions about modern China seem to vary wildly. Is the rise of China good or bad news?
Armenian Genocide 2008-04-24
The deliberate and systematic destruction of the Armenian population of the Ottoman Empire during...
Separation of church and state, or lack thereof 2008-08-29
The U.S. of A., A glorious country (sometimes) that has a constitution that gives us the right to...
Should Muslims in America be placed in Internment Camps if.. 2009-11-04
Should Muslims in America be placed in Internment Camps if..
Why do you support or oppose a party 2010-09-18
The purpose is to see how people see parties as positive or negative.
Women in the Draft 2011-01-13
Should Women be in the draft or not?
Would you vote for someone who was an atheist for president? 2011-02-26
Just as it says. If you found out someone running for president was an atheist, would you vote fo...