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China vs. America 2005-11-30
Who would win China or America
Civil Liberties --- How Far Would You Go 2007-08-10
This poll is to see what differences there may be on attitudes to civil liberties depending on pa...
Religion and politics 2008-10-31
questions on your religion and politics.
Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice 2009-08-03
Pro-Life vs. Pro-Choice
should medium/minimum security prisons be coed 2013-05-28
obviously some prisons shouldn't be but there have been some experiments where co ed prisons fill...
Who's the better feminist icon - Beyonce or Margaret Thatcher? 2015-05-19
Choose who you think has done more to further the the cause of women rights. Do you think it's th...
Reparations 2002-12-03
The reparations movement in America is where we living Americans are to be held financially respo...
Hi, I am John Fitzgerald Hickory, but I would like to be known as John Florida Hickory for this p...
Presidente 2005-08-15
i would like to get the pulse of the people.
Father's rights 2006-03-22
Aborting fatherhood in America.
Death Penalty 2006-07-17
Hey! I'm Welsh. In Wales the death penalty has been scrapped since the 50s. In a recent oral exam...
Your Support for Abortion 2006-12-24
Please answer the following question on abortion. Please vote honestly and only once.
Hillary Clinton for President 2007-02-08
What do you think?
Abortion Privacy for Minors 2007-09-14
Abortion Privacy for Minors
Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! 2009-09-03
Ban Dihydrogen Monoxide! The Invisible Killer Dihydrogen monoxide is colorless, odorless, taste...
daughter serving frontline in army in direct combat 2011-05-05
daughter serving frontline in army in direct combat
(GIRLS ONLY) Thoughts on upcoming presidential election (possible woman pres.) 2015-05-07
(GIRLS ONLY) Thoughts on upcoming presidential election (possible woman pres.)
Syrian Refugees 2015-11-20
Syrian Refugees
Trump shakes up campaign, prepares to roll out long-awaited ads 2016-08-17
<img src=https://s3.postimg.org/3nzcpgveb/Trump.jpg/> Donald Trump, hitting reset on his 2...
Verbal Indiscretions 2016-10-25
By our two presidential hopefuls.
Handicapped Parking 1999-07-02
Questions about Handicapped Parking - spaces reserved for persons with disabilities.
Presidential Election 2000-11-12
This is a series of questions regarding the Presidential Election and it's processes.
Abortion In America 2001-09-16
Voice your opinion on whether or not you believe abortion should be allowed in a country that was...
End Women's Suffrage? 2002-05-28
Even though I'm a guy, I believe that for society to move forward, we must end women's suffrage b...
What is your position on gay marriage? 2006-07-14
The issue of gay marriage has been highly contentious as of late. This poll should give a more ac...