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YOUR RELIGION 2002-06-13
What are your attitudes about other religions vs. your own?
Whom do you think are true spiritual leaders and whom do you think are not?
Would you be a good Witch? 2002-06-10
So many people are fascinated with the rise in witchcraft and the natural way of life. Is it for ...
How do you perceive missions 2002-06-03
Missionaries are seen in many different lights. The purpose of this poll is to understand how I ...
Islam 2002-06-03
General opinion about Islam.
Religion and Homosexuality 2002-05-23
Hi, I wanted to know how much of a basis religon has on the thought process and exceptance of hom...
Religion in Public Schools 2002-05-16
I am in the 10th grade and creating a poll for my research paper. If you have the desire please p...
Christian Morals (sex, alcohol, abortion, etc) 2002-05-16
<b>Here's list of 65 questions dealing with every aspect of Christian morality. They are de...
Seeking converts.... 2002-05-10
This poll is directed to those who know people were trying to get them to join their particular c...
When is an organisation a religion or a cult? 2002-05-06
How do you decide if a group merit the title religion or if they should be labelled a cult?
The Religion 2002-05-06
I just wanted to learn on other peoples religion, so here it is!
Genesis : Chapter 1 2002-05-02
Genesis isn't as complicated as it may look with all of it's names and works of God, but don't mi...
do you trust Jesus 2002-05-02
this is the question.i like to know why and why not dont trust Jesus?
Christian Theology Quiz 2002-04-29
This is a general quiz to see what people believe :-)
Are you sure you are a Christian? 2002-04-29
You may need your Bible to answer some of these questions, or you may just answer the best you ca...
Isaac or Ishmael? 2002-04-29
According to the Jewish (and Christian) bible, the Partriarch Abraham ALMOST sacrificed his son I...
Scientology 2002-04-22
What is Scientology?
religious discrimination 2002-04-22
asks opinions on religious matters
What is atheism and do atheist posses a moral code? 2002-04-15
a common misinterpreted and misrepresented term-atheism. let's see what the common person believ...
Christianity 2002-04-09
Due to the overwhellming popularity of a poll I stumbled upon about God. I've written my own.
Middle East Conflict 2002-04-09
There seems to be much discussion about the various positions on the Middle East conflict. This p...
Morality & You 2002-04-09
Do you believe that morality is "supernatural", i.e. an unchanging principal from God, ...
Religion Coffee House 2002-04-09
Spiritual? What is your preference? A latt'e Jesus or mocha Buddha, maybe a frappacino hindu?
the2099crew - What's Your Opinion? 2002-04-09
We want to hear from you...
What does the Bible mean? 2002-03-29
The Bible is the most widely read and published book in the world. Yet there is little agreement ...