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A Picture of God 2002-10-30
We all have an image of what God looks like. This poll is intended to find out if we share a com...
What are you? 2002-10-28
Please be honest, just click on which religion you are.
Jewish Poll (JEWS ONLY PLEASE) 2002-10-24
I'm just interested to see what other Jews believe... (I'll probably add more to this when I thi...
What Kind Of Bible? 2002-10-22
Hello. A am doing this poll to prove a point at school. Please be honest. THANKS
Mennonites! 2002-10-22
Just a little curious to see how much people know about 'em . . .
Was Muhammad (peace be upon him) a terrorist 2002-10-18
Jerry Falwell called Muhammad (pbuh) a terrorist. What do you think
Ministerial Education and Training 2002-10-17
What to you believe should be the Education and Training of an applicant for the ministry in orde...
Ministerial Attire 2002-10-10
Below you will find questions about "What a Minister should wear when performing certain fun...
Celibacy of Priests 2002-10-09
According to a USA Today/CNN/Gallup poll, seventy five percent of Catholics favor allowing pries...
Atheism 2002-10-03
Are you and atheist? Why?
Religion, Music (rap/punk) and People 2002-10-03
Everybody get your opinions out and answer straight out what you think is right.
Sanctuary Questionnaire 2002-09-25
The questionnaire you are about to fill out deals in a very direct way with your attitudes and be...
beginnings and ends 2002-09-25
i was just wondering what people REALLY think. please go on your beliefs and not your religion's...
Who (or what) are "gentiles?" 2002-09-10
Who do you think the Bible is referring to when it speaks of the "gentiles?"
When will Jesus Christ return? 2002-08-22
This pole is to gauge peoples beliefs about the "end times" and the return of Christ.
You're not a good Catholic, if you... 2002-08-09
What makes people a good Catholic, is it enough to just believe in God or do you have to show it?
Which day is the Sabbath day? 2002-08-09
There is disagreement amongst people about which day is the Sabbath day. Most Christians would sa...
Pledge of Allegiance 2002-07-15
Recently, a federal court decided that the 'under God' in the Pledge of Alliegance is unconstitut...
religious beliefs, out of the ordinary 2002-07-15
There are many religions in the world, and some aren't that known. Here's a chance to see who al...
To ensure the BLESSINGS of liberty to us and our prosperitys 2002-07-14
<i>"WE THE PEOPLE in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, provide fo...
Are we living in the end times? 2002-07-10
Questions on current events and on bible prophecy.
is it constitutional? 2002-06-30
due to the recent debate about the pledge of allegiance i have decided to ask some quistions abou...
Buddism vs Christianity 2002-06-26
I find that Buddism and Christianity contradict a lot. What do you think?
What YOU think 2002-06-24
hey everyone. well, i wanted to see how people feel about different religions and how acceptent w...
Are Mormons Christian? 2002-06-18
Many mainstream Christians claim that Mormans (members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-da...