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Heavens gates and hells flames 2003-05-23
Discovering whether people truly understand how salvation is attained.
Christian Religions 2003-05-23
This poll is about the belives of christian religions and how they differ. Please feel free to l...
My pole of stuff! 2003-05-23
This pole is made to freak you out...
The ages of people in Genesis Ch.5 2003-05-19
Pick up a Bible (any version is fine) and turn to Genesis, Chapter 5. In this chapter, the Bible ...
Why don't Generation x'ers attend spiritual gatherings ? 2003-05-14
I recently found that 70 % of Generation X (born after 1964) has never attended a church, synagog...
Christian opinions on Gays 2003-05-06
Im trying to determine whether the majority of hatred towards homosexuality comes from the christ...
Do you believe in destiny? 2003-05-06
Do you believe in destiny? Do you think that some things in life are destined or none at all?
What do you think of Rabababaism? 2003-05-01
We'd like your opinion on our religion. Choose your relevant view.
What would dissuade you from joining a cult or sect? 2003-04-17
Suppose you met a group of people who were from a religious cult or sect. They seemed real nice, ...
End Times? Anti-Christ? 2003-04-08
Chapter 16 in the book of Revelation makes mention to the Euphrates River which runs directly thr...
Questions concerning perceptions og God 2003-04-08
This poll seeks different perceptions of what God is and the level of impact which he has on earth
Is the Anti-Christ alive and among us today? 2003-03-29
Opinions about the anti-christ are as wide and varied as the earth itself. I would like to compa...
Exsistentilism 2003-03-28
Do u believe in exsitentilism?
Bar/Bat Mitzvahs 2003-03-25
I was just wondering how many you people have been to!
Christ's Imminent Return 2003-03-10
Israel became a nation again in 1948 Does this prove cause of Christ's soon return ???
Rapture 2003-03-04
Do you believe in the Rapture that is mentioned in the Bible in revelation?
Take a personal survey. 2003-03-04
Hi, my name Alaina. The goal of doing this survey is just to get an idea of peoples personal idea...
Hardcore For Christ? 2003-02-27
Are you hardcore for Christ?
Hardcore Faith? (Teenage Guys) 2003-02-27
Why do most guys not like going to church?
If space aliens landed - how would it affect religion? 2003-02-27
If space aliens landed on Earth, or if they were discovered, I think it's fair to say that the im...
Hardcore Faith? (Teens only) 2003-02-21
As a christian, I just wanted to know what other teens think about church, and what predispositio...
Where do bad foks go when they die? 2003-02-21
just some thing to do
Which do you like to read more often? 2003-02-15
How many people read the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.
Do you proselytize?? 2003-02-15
I'm just curious about how many people proseytize to other people. Please only answer the questio...
Religious fasting poll 2003-02-09
The Holy Bible makes quite a few references to fasting (going without food). For instance, Jesus ...