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Calvin? Predestination? 2004-02-11
What people know about John Calvin's teachings, and what people think about predestination
This poll is to find out why people are religious.
Bible Knowledge 2004-02-02
Please answer these questions concerning your Bible knowledge.
How old is the Grand Canyon? 2004-01-28
I recently read an article about an excursion leader who gave people tours of the Grand Canyon. H...
How do you get to Heaven? 2004-01-28
How does a person get to Heaven after they die?
Is Television Wrong 2004-01-20
This is for real christians
abortion, capital punishment, religion, morals, etc. 2004-01-20
This is just a poll on some moral issues.
Is Spiritual Development Important? 2004-01-13
To how many is spiritual development important or a part of ones life? This can include meditatio...
Religion: To Believe Or Not To Believe ? 2004-01-11
Should we all follow one religion? Do you have a seperate religion all of your own? Take the poll!
Mel Gibson's Movie, the Passion 2004-01-09
Based on what you have heard so far, what do you think about Mr. Gibson's new movie?
Creationism VS. Evolutionism 2004-01-07
Please tell me if you believe in Creation, or Evolution. This is for a school project, and I woul...
Saved ONLY by faith in Jesus? 2004-01-07
This poll is for Christians only. Do you sincerely believe that <b>ONLY</b> those who...
For US Catholics 2004-01-07
I am interested in the how Catholics feel in relation to the wider American society.
HYPATIA 2003-12-19
A strong, self-confident Woman, so much learned and brilliant in Philosophy Neoplatonism), Mathem...
Do you believe in God? 2003-12-17
Do you think that there is a God and if so what do you think he is like? If this poll raises ques...
Is YOUR priest likeable??? 2003-12-09
This poll is to determine what people REALLY think of their priests.
Religious Insights, Views and Beliefs 2003-12-08
A poll about religious beliefs. Things that have come up between me and my friends. Problems an...
Miracles. 2003-12-08
What's a Miracle? How/Why do they happen?
Non-believers only. 2003-12-08
A poll to find out how non-believers go about their daily life.
Noah's Ark - truth, half-truth, or flat-out myth? 2003-12-05
I was wondering what people thought about Noah's Ark and the Flood story. Do you believe it to be...
Pulp fiction 2003-11-15
i wounder is it true ? did The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he ...
Serious Religion 2003-11-15
I've tried to compose the most complete, comprehensive poll on your religion and how it influence...
Are the Amish Mennonites Valid in their beliefs? 2003-11-11
The Amish live a certain lifestyle, which many outsiders view as odd or old fashioned. What do yo...
Can you love your enemy? 2003-11-07
I'm ready to write an essay on this concept. I am researching opinions on this topic.
mysterious whispers 2003-11-04
you need to get this off your chest. gezundheit!