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Spiritual Gifts 2005-08-04
Which of the Gifts of The Spirit have you seen in operation most frequently? 1. Word of Wisdom ...
Jesus? 2005-08-01
What do you think of Jesus?
Satanism 2005-07-29
i am an occultist, and thinking about joining the church of satan and i wanna see how ignorant y...
Morality 2005-07-29
The relativity or absolutism of morality.
The Creation 2005-07-26
What version of the Bible do you use most often?
The Holy Bible 2005-07-26
Do you beleive the Word of God, the Bible, is inspired by God?
How often do you pray in tongues? 2005-07-21
What do you believe in? 2005-07-21
Do you have a religion? Or not? If so, what is it? If not...what DO you believe?
Is God real? 2005-07-08
The title tells ecactly what I mean. Is God real? To what extent? Why do you feel this way?
Religion? 2005-06-30
What is your religion? How does this compare to your beliefs?
What do you think of atheism? 2005-06-27
I'm an atheist, and I've never been exactly sure what religious people think of atheism. Wheneve...
Is there a god? 2005-06-16
Often people have wondered <em>Is there a god?</em>. Here you have a chance to try to...
Are you a Christian? 2005-06-01
gee, are you a Christian? Do you beleive in God?
Afterlife 2005-05-07
Do you still believe in afterlife?
Serb Orthodox:Good or bad 2005-04-21
What do you think?
Religion In Public Schools 2005-04-19
Do you believe Religion has a place in Public Schools? And if so, how?
A Gift From God 2005-04-18
I saw a billboard the other day with a cute little baby with a bow on it and the caption read, &q...
Where do you go? 2005-04-16
To find what people believe about life after death. Please answer only the questions that apply ...
EarthQuakes 04/05 2005-04-02
There are No coincidences ...None >2 Major EQuakes 04/05 >1 the day after Christmas &g...
Crossfire Youth Poll 2005-03-29
Just a simple poll to see what some of the favourite things are that go on at Crossfire Youth.
Cognitive Dissonance in Relation to Religion 2005-03-22
This survey is completely confidential. I have no way of knowing who replied with what answers, s...
Evolution 2005-03-18
This poll is intended to gain a greater understanding of the public's knowledge and acceptance of...
Christians and pornography 2005-03-16
Please could people answer these questions very simply, just stating what is the closest to your ...
Gambling 2005-03-08
If you are person who believes the word of God in the bible is true and condsider yourself a Chri...
Black people and religion. Blacks-only poll. 2005-03-07
The purpose of this poll is to look at the religious beliefs of Black people. This poll is only ...